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We're searching for the 221 installation that makes you proud. Share your story with us and you could win £500 of WAGO equipment.

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WAGO is looking for 221 Connection Heros

Easy, fast and safe - electricians across the UK and Ireland use WAGO's 221 for projects big and small. We'd like to celebrate your most interesting installations, and reward your hard work.

Installations can be of any size or complexity - whether it used 221s in a creative way, is in an unusual or spectacular location, or the installation just made a difference somewhere.

Use the form below to submit your project details and upload any supporting material (e.g. photos, videos, client testimonials).

What we're looking for...

Your 221 Story

Top Tips

The Prize

Tell us your 221 Story

We want to hear about:

  • Interesting locations
  • Unusual locations
  • Big jobs, small jobs, complex jobs, memorable jobs
  • Installations that made a real difference to somewhere or someone

Do you have a story to tell? Fill out the form below.

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Top tips

How to impress our judges

Enter as much information as you can about the project and how the 221 helped. You can always submit a project now and then send us more info later on.

Photos and videos aren't essential, but they're a great way to tell your story so include them if you can. Note the following guidance on submitting media:

More details

So we can form an image of your installation, please send us the following materials in digital form:

The Project:

  • Briefly explain what your task in the project was. What was exciting, challenging, extraordinary – in short, worth telling?
  • When available, please also send us a planning sketch for your project.

The Construction Site:

  • Are there before/after photos of the construction site?
  • You may also send us a virtual site visit in the form of photos or videos.

Further Details:

  • Close-ups of your installation with the WAGO 221
  • The WAGO 221 in your tool case
  • Everything else you may think of and you have photos/videos of to tell your story

Your Person:

  • Of course, please send us a portrait photo or a brief video about yourself.

So your videos and photos can be optimally processed, please consider the following tips:

Video Clips

  • HD video
  • Horizontal


  • Horizontal
  • Resolution as high as possible

Win with WAGO

We'd like to recognise and celebrate great installations, and reward the hard work of our installers. Four winning entries will each receive £500 worth of WAGO equipment, a 221 trophy, plus we'll throw a party in your honour for you and your mates.

We would also like to share your story with electricians across the world. If our judges decide you're a winner, we'll visit you at a time and place of your convenience, whether it's at the installation site, at your company address, or even at your nearest wholesaler. We'll be accompanied by a film crew who'll turn your story into a video.

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Please remember after uploading files that you submit your contact information via the form below. If you're providing additional materials to an existing entry, please make it clear which entry it relates to.

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Good to know: The participation conditions

WAGO 221 Participation Action Conditions

Procedure and Processing

(1) A team of members from the WAGO 221 Participation Action, to be designated by WAGO, looks over the submitted material. The entrants with the most original and exciting stories will be contacted by telephone or email by WAGO or their partner and if desired, can have a “Thank-You Visit” from WAGO.

(2) This action starts on 1st May 2018 and ends 1st December 2018.

(3) Participants agree to the texts, images and videos submitted in the context of this action being used by WAGO Limited for promotional purposes. The participant transfers the associated necessary rights of use to WAGO Limited. Furthermore, the participant agrees to be publicly named by WAGO in the context of promotional activities.

(4) The participant is responsible for ensuring the submitted material does not infringe the rights of third parties.


Only trade professionals within the UK and Ireland are entitled to participate.

Privacy Policy

(1) The data provided by the participants will not be passed on to third parties outside the WAGO 221 Participation Action. Nonetheless, the participants agree that they may be named when their materials are made public for promotional purposes.

(2) Participants agree to their data being used by WAGO Limited to contact them for promotional purposes.

(3) The consent given above is freely revocable.

Exclusion of Legal Recourse

The results of the drawing are final.