Sensor/Actuator Boxes

Sensor/actuator boxes, which are installed directly on machines or systems, are passive distribution systems for signal transmission that is rapid, cost-effective and, above all, cabinet-free. Thanks to the fully encapsulated IP67 housing, signals reach the controller reliably.

Your benefits with WAGO's sensor/actuator boxes:

  • IP67/IP68 degree of protection for sensor/actuator boxes with a molded interconnecting cable
  • Plug-&-Play Connection Technology
  • Fully encapsulated: Protection against dust/humidity and mechanical forces such as vibration/shock
  • Broad temperature range: −25 … +80°C
  • Spacer module for seamless installation

WAGO at Work

For Signal Acquisition at the Machine Level

The passive M8/M12 sensor/actuator boxes are placed close to the process and acquire signals at the machine level. They can be used under very harsh environmental conditions and establish the connection between sensors/actuators and the controller via molded or detachable cables. Use of standardized pluggable connections supports sensor and actuator plug & play, while the use of trunk cables replaces the individual wiring of I/O signals to automation components in the control cabinet. Cabling is well-organized and minimized.

Signal Acquisition in Exceptionally Harsh Conditions

WAGO's sensor/actuator boxes with molded cable (72 hours at 1 m water depth) have an extremely robust design and meet both IP67 and IP68 protection standards. This design makes them ideal for applications where signals must be recorded in extreme environments (temperature, shock, vibration) without a control cabinet. They’re also excellent alternatives when the use of an active IP67 I/O system would not be cost-effective due to a low signal count or the simple signal conditions (only digital signal acquisition/output).

Plug-&-Play Connection Technology

The sensor/actuator boxes with a removable connecting cable (M16 or M23 pluggable connector) are ideal for areas where frequent easy disconnection and reconnection are required (e.g., transport, modification, service).

Fixed Trunk Cable

The sensor/actuator boxes with molded cables are preferred when challenging cable paths do not allow the use of preassembled M16/M23 cables.

Extreme Mechanical Performance

A system/machine is exposed to severe mechanical and thermal influences. It is important to process its signals despite severe vibrations and shocks. The sensor/actuator boxes are used at the machine level. Full encapsulation safeguards system operation, so that even extreme vibration and temperature loads do not degrade signal acquisition and power supply via the connecting cable to the controller or other automation components located in the non-critical control cabinet area.

Flexible Installation

The sensor/actuator boxes can be mounted directly on the machine. Extensive engineering ensures compliance with standardized specifications from CNOMO guidelines regarding the spacing of assembly drill holes that are often used in passive distribution boxes or sensor/actuator boxes. An optional adapter is available that can be used to mount two modules seamlessly side by side. This has the advantage of maintaining a defined distance for proper routing of the sensor/actuator cables and of avoiding contamination points.

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