Automotive Industry
Benefits Along the Entire Value-Added Chain

The Press Shop

In a press shop, finished body parts are created in a variety of steps. The sheet metal is shaped under high pressure in pressing lines. However, the subsequent vibrations can result in equipment downtime. This is why you need to ensure maximum process reliability with products from WAGO: Reliable, maintenance-free conductor connections for all components prevent loose clamping units and high contact resistance.

Why use WAGO?

  • EMC resistance is a basic prerequisite for all of our products, guaranteeing smooth operation – even under severe conditions.
  • Proven spring pressure connection technology reduces costs and increases reliability.
  • We offer complete solutions for logging machine and energy data.

The Body Shop

Producing a body in white places maximum demands on system availability, as well as safety and reliability during production. This is supplemented by independently automating individual system parts and incorporation into a master system. Because often various system manufacturers produce system parts for a single production line. With WAGO products, you can master these challenges quickly and simply.

Why use WAGO?

  • With our screwless and pluggable wiring interfaces, WAGO facilitates faster component exchange.
  • WAGO's automation products speak many languages, such as: PROFINET, PROFIBUS, DeviceNet, CC-Link and many more.
  • WAGO products are an important linkage for M2M communication.
  • With their many approvals, WAGO products are ready for use worldwide.
  • Using WAGO products means simplified integration for your automation solution.

The Painting Line

In the paint shop, many different steps synchronize with one another. It is necessary for conveying equipment, robots and the applications themselves to interact with one another to combine the individual application steps into one smooth process. The paint shop is a zero error area, placing the highest demands on electrical components. WAGO offers optimized products for a perfect painting process.

Why use WAGO?

  • Intrinsically safe Ex i modules allow use in hazardous locations.
  • WAGO's controllers, as well as M-Bus, MP-Bus, counter, thermocouple and RTD measurement modules help monitor, control and regulate processes.

The Powertrain

The term “powertrain” describes all the areas where components for the powertrain are produced. The focus here is on production of highly precise transmission gears, as well as crankshafts for the engine. The powertrain requires maximum reliability of all automation products: All finished components must be ready at the right time for installation in the right engine or transmission. This requirement is fulfilled by WAGO products designed specifically for this application.

Why use WAGO?

  • WAGO's automation products already fulfill Industry 4.0 requirements.
  • Setting sensor parameters using I/O modules in the WAGO control environment reduces commissioning and standstill times in your plants.
  • WAGO offers EPSITRON


    PRO Power, the professional power supplies for applications with high output requirements.
  • Electronic fuses help prevent accidental tripping that results from high switch-on currents or unintended system startup in the event of a fault, thus increasing the availability of the equipment.
  • Rail-mount terminal blocks with POWER CAGE CLAMP securely connect large conductors up to 185 mm² (350 kcmil).

Final Assembly

Within automobile production, final assembly completes the process. The most important step in final assembly is the marriage, i.e., the moment the drivetrain and engine are bolted to the body. A high degree of precision and control are required to ensure that the right component is always connected to the right part during assembly. WAGO products, such as controllers, fulfill high requirements in the area of final assembly and ensure that corresponding areas are in failsafe operation around the clock.

Why use WAGO?

  • Decentralized controllers in an Industry 4.0 environment ensure flexible production systems.
  • Connect your production control system to a WAGO pick-to-light control solution.

Automotive Industry Applications and Solutions at a Glance

WAGO products are used in all production areas of automotive manufacturing, where the screwless connection technology, for example, assures maximum system availability. WAGO's controllers and remote I/Os provide support in energy management in production plants. For efficient production in the automotive manufacturing of the future.

WAGO at Work

Customer Applications: Automotive Industry

Flexible I/O-System for All Fieldbus Protocols

Automation at an automotive supplier: Brose uses the modular WAGO-I/O-SYSTEM because it supports all conventional fieldbus protocols and ETHERNET standards.


Clever Lighting Scenario

Schuster Energieversorgunssysteme, an energy supply solutions specialist, has generated quite a stir with its innovative, manufacturer-independent system for emergency lighting. Early adopters in the automotive industry lead the way, and now companies from other sectors are showing interest. At the core of the lighting solution is the WAGO-I/O-SYSTEM 750, which implements the intelligent lighting control functions.


Control Cabinet Manufacturing at Ford using WAGO Terminal Blocks

Henry Ford was, without a doubt, one of the most important pioneers in automobile production and left his mark on the industry like no one else, through the introduction of assembly line production. The aspiration to always improve processes remains in the company’s DNA up to this day. During a recent factory-wide vacation, the press line at the production facility in Cologne, where chassis parts for the Ford Fiesta are fabricated, was rebuilt and optimized. And a seemingly small element played a major role in this process: a WAGO rail-mount terminal block.

Explosion Protection in the Automotive Industry

How exactly is an “explosion” defined? What are the causes and characteristics? What protective measures are available? WAGO informs.


Lighting Management

Modern lighting management in a storage and production facility offers more than just reductions in energy and costs – it combines economical operation and resource conservation with user comfort and flexibility.

Building Technology

Make Plans Today for Tomorrow

Whether lighting and room management or solutions for heating, ventilation or air conditioning, WAGO is an innovative partner with the right products to save you time, costs and energy.

Lighting Technology

Let Your Light Shine

From connection technology for LED modules and drives to lighting connection and management, WAGO has the experience and solutions for effective and efficient lighting.