Quick and Easy Installations in Buildings

Whether distribution boxes, control cabinets or room electrical installations – with WAGO at your side, you’ll always have the perfect connection technology for your wiring applications. WAGO also offers pluggable installation solutions, as you’ll see here.

Tips for Installation

Fast, reliable, maintenance-free – for every application! Discover practical tips and product recommendations for specific applications:

  • Wiring in distribution boxes
  • Installation in doorbell and loudspeaker systems
  • Wiring fine-stranded conductors in junction boxes
  • New installation in small distribution boxes

Building Installation


WAGO always provides you with the right solutions and products for all your electrical connection applications.

Building Installations

WAGO always provides you with the right solutions and products for all your electrical connection applications.

What is smart connection technology?

Today everybody talks about “Building IoT” or “Smart Buildings,” but what role does connection technology play in the age of digitization? In an interview, Ann-Christin Rachuba, Product Manager for Building Installation, explains what impact connection technology has on smart buildings and what challenges the industry is facing.

Installations in Doorbell and Loudspeaker Systems

For extra-low voltage installations such as the installation of doorbell and loudspeaker systems, we recommend the 243 Series.

Advantages of the installation terminals blocks:

  • Maintenance-free installation
  • High wiring density thanks to a compact footprint
  • Conductor range: 0.6 ... 0.8 mm2 (19 ... 18 AWG)

Wiring in distribution boxes

Space is always in short supply for installation in a distribution box. Therefore we recommend using the 2273 Series PUSH WIRE® Connector for Junction Boxes.

Advantages of the PUSH WIRE® Connector for Junction Boxes:

  • Saves space: 50 % smaller connector saves valuable space in the box
  • Safety: highly transparent housing to visually verify that the conductor has been properly inserted
  • Conductor range: 0.5 ... 2.5 mm2 (20 ... 14 AWG)

Wiring fine-stranded conductors in junction boxes

For wiring fine-stranded conductors in junction boxes, we recommend the 221 Series installation terminals blocks.

Advantages of the installation terminal block:

  • Saves space: for limited space in the junction box
  • Convenient: easy connection due to lower actuation force
  • Safety: convenient testing conditions even after installation thanks to two test slots

New Installation in Small Distribution Boxes

For installation in small distribution boxes, we recommend using the 2003 or 2005 Series multilevel installation terminal blocks.

Advantages of the multilevel installation terminal blocks:

  • Push-in termination of solid conductors
  • Range of multifunctional jumpers
  • Fastest marking system
  • For the highest current load on the market

Control Cabinet Marking

A streamlined overview with less maintenance: The right marking pays off in the long run. WAGO offers you a multitude of marking solutions for your tasks.


Pluggable installation connectors

Pre-assembled plugs reduce installation time: WINSTA® pluggable installation connectors are the ideal solution when installation requirements recur or are planned on a grid.


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Simply Protected from Moisture

The WAGO Gelbox makes electrical installations with WAGO's splicing connectors watertight – quickly, easily and reliably.


Conquering the Chaos of Many Wires

WAGO's Junction Box for the 221 Series allows you to clearly organize and quickly connect up to 60 conductors.

One Potential, Even More Clamping Points

WAGO’s 221 Series Adjacent Jumper increases the number of clamping points on one potential.


Dealers near You

Wholesalers and Distributors

Question: If it’s not possible for you to order directly from WAGO, where can you order WAGO products? Answer: From electrical wholesalers and our authorized distributors. You have access to the entire WAGO range and can also experience first-class guidance and problem-solving expertise. This helps you find the products that best meet your needs. Thanks for your trust – Sincerely, your WAGO Team.

Find a wholesaler now

Do you want to convince yourself of the advantages of the 221 Series Splicing Connector? Always close to you, always helpful: Our wholesaler search will help you find the right preferred partner for your WAGO products and support.


Pluggable Room Installations

The WINSTA® Pluggable Connection System easily meets the strict requirements of building installations. The system provides simple pluggable electrical connections, making electrical installations fast, safe and error-free. You benefit from quality-tested components that ensure installations are error-free and completed on time.

Click and Done!

See the advantages of our WINSTA® Pluggable Connection System in this video. Plug into power!

Advantages of Pluggable Building Installation

WINSTA® is perfect for functional buildings where there are multiple installations or those planned in a grid. The focus is on lighting installation, as well as the power supply and distribution for floor tanks and cable ducts. Recurring and repetitive mating cycles make the use of pre-assembled system solutions possible while reducing assembly times and cabling errors.

Use WAGO Products Effectively

Practical tips for your tasks: We’ll support you with advice and guidance for safely and effectively using our products and solutions. Do you have a valuable tip for us and other WAGO users? Or a question that hasn’t been answered at this point? We look forward to every message.


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Topics and Solutions for Today and Tomorrow

Conventional Installation vs. Pluggable Installation

The WINSTA® Pluggable Connection System is based on cable assemblies and standard components, which are combined in accordance with the construction project. WINSTA® is the ideal solution for multiple installations or those planned in a grid, e.g., grid or flush-mount lighting installation. Thanks to this pre-assembled connection system, assembly times and installation errors on the construction site are reduced.

Product Overview

The Most Important Product Categories for Our Electrical Installers

Installation Terminal Blocks for Triple Savings

Easily save time and money in distribution boxes or junction boxes: WAGO’s compact installation terminal blocks yield big savings!


Smart Designer: the WAGO Configuration Software

smartDESIGNER enables true 3D design of WAGO’s electrical connection and automation technology.