Developing Smart Buildings with WAGO

WAGOdirect Building: State-of-the-Art Automation and Cybersecurity for Efficient Buildings

Smart buildings don’t just offer a great deal of convenience – they are, above all, extremely energy efficient. In this WAGOdirect Building, learn how state-of-the-art automation from WAGO helps you make the most of your potential for savings and protect your building operation with the latest cybersecurity technology.


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White Paper: Smart Building – Intelligent Networking in Buildings


What is a Smart Building?

A “smart building” describes the automation and central operation of technical equipment in commercial buildings, like office buildings, airports, shopping malls, or manufacturing facilities. Both security and optimized energy efficiency are fundamental issues that smart buildings address. Current projects demonstrate that automation can reduce the energy consumption of an office building by up to one third.

What Does Smart Building Mean for WAGO?

The implementation of a smart building is demanding because it requires new methods and technologies, innovative networking and a modernized way of working together. In automation, the best solution is the one that is open and flexible. In planning and construction, communication is the alpha and omega. WAGO is an established partner ready to guide you through the world of digitization so that your building adapts to your needs – not the other way around.


A smart building must have an explicit added value for the user.

Thomas Müller
– Deputy CEO of the VDMA Federal Association of Automation + Management for Houses + Buildings –

Methods and Technologies

Interdisciplinary cooperation and digitization open doors to the smart building. Find out what approaches you may use to achieve your goal and how each works.


Smart Data is a name for data bases that have been extracted from large amounts of data and contain meaningful information for planning and operating process systems. With smartDATA, WAGO offers customers continuous data flow, software tools and interfaces that are needed for a smart building.


Cloud Connectivity

Along with building technology, cloud solutions are in demand in more and more industries and industrial sectors. They facilitate location-independent access to building data, simplify the cross-location networking of smart buildings and enable the efficient use of facilities. With its cloud solution (WAGO Cloud), WAGO offers the perfect entry into the digital world.

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