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Feedthrough Components

WAGO's versatile connection technology for through-panel applications offers you limitless flexibility in finding solutions. Select between different combinations of permanent and push-in device connections with direct conductor or solder contacts.

Your benefits:

  • Wide product range for multiple applications
  • Various mounting options to meet your requirements
  • Direct ground contact to the housing
  • Internal clamping, wire-wrap and solder contacts
  • Universal spring pressure connection for all conductor types
  • Conductor range: 0.08 … 16 mm² (28 … 6 AWG)

Product Overview

Our Through-Panel Connection Solutions

Pluggable Connectors

Fast, reliable, pluggable: WAGO's comprehensive range of pluggable connectors for through-panel applications perfectly connects to your devices. The wide product range also includes different types of mounting. A wide selection of different product families in different sizes always offers you the right solution for pluggable device connection.

  • Fast installation, maintenance or exchange of your devices thanks to pluggable solutions
  • Universal spring pressure connection for all conductor types
  • Soldered connectors (THT and THR) for internal PCB connection
  • Connectors with wire connection and mounting flange for internal conductor connection
  • Snap-in flange for tool-free through-panel mounting
  • For wire-to-board, board-to-wire, wire-to-wire and board-to-board connections


Feedthrough Terminal Blocks

Feedthrough terminal blocks are ideal for internal and external conductor connection. Easy, tool-free assembly provides fast installation. Different color combinations permit custom marking of connection points.

  • Universal spring pressure connection for all conductor types – internal and external up to 16 mm² (6 AWG)
  • Easy, tool-free assembly with locking and retaining clips
  • 828 Series: Easily open several clamping units at the same time via convenient lever actuation
  • Direct ground contact with enclosure/panel (826 Series)

Pluggable Rail-Mount Terminal Blocks

X-COM®-SYSTEM is a modular system that trims wiring times and costs. In addition to the pluggable rail-mount terminal blocks, the X-COM®-SYSTEM also includes designs for through-panel and other applications. Male connectors with different mounting options are available: feedthrough flanges for screw or similar mounting methods and snap-in flanges for tool-free assembly. The mating half consists of modular 1- or 2-conductor straight or angled female connectors.


PCB Terminal Blocks

Our PCB terminal blocks for through-panel applications are ideal for flush-mount device connection with front actuation. These PCB terminal blocks are available with 5, 7.5 and 10 mm pin spacing (0.196, 0.295 and 0.394 inch).

  • Universal spring pressure connection for all conductor types
  • Optional mounting flanges for additional mechanical security in the housing
  • Either flush with enclosure or protruding
  • Test port parallel to conductor entry


picoMAX®: The Pluggable Connection System

One CrNi spring means double the contact force applied: This principle makes picoMAX® up to 30% more compact than other connection systems.

  • Compact design: Reduces space by up to 30%
  • Radically simplified contact system
  • Special design, innovative spring pressure connection technology and new insulation material guarantees absolute contact reliability – even at higher ambient temperatures
  • Very high vibration resistance of up to 20g for wire-to-board connections, thanks to integrated locking latches and a female connector that's almost fully enshrouded in the male connector
  • Efficient testing via test slot parallel to connector entry

PCB Terminal Blocks and
Pluggable Connectors

The right spring pressure connection technology for every application: WAGO's PCB terminal blocks and pluggable connectors are fast and reliable.


Universal System Wiring with X-COM® and X-COM®S

Ideal for switchgear and control applications: Both WAGO X-COM®-SYSTEM and X-COM®S-SYSTEM make system wiring fast and economical.