Modular System for Universal Wiring Applications: X-COM®-SYSTEM and X-COM®S-SYSTEM

WAGO's X-COM®-SYSTEM, X-COM®S-SYSTEM and X-COM®S-SYSTEM-MINI Pluggable Rail-Mount Terminal Blocks are primarily used in switchgear and control applications (e.g., railway systems). They combine rail-mount terminal blocks and pluggable connectors. The system provides time- and cost-saving system wiring during production, assembly, operation and maintenance.

Your benefits:

  • Pre-assembled components and mismating protection save time and money
  • Pre-wired sub-assemblies can be tested before installation
  • Components can be quickly and reliably replaced


Diversity of variants characterizes the X-COM®-SYSTEM product line. In addition to rail-mount terminal blocks, this system also includes components for PCBs, flying leads, panel mounting or through-panel applications. Tried and tested billions of times, CAGE CLAMP® technology ensures reliable connections for all application areas.

Your benefits:

  • Error prevention: 100% protection against mismating by coding groups with the same pole numbers
  • Mechanically protected via locking levers, strain relief plates or housings
  • Easy testing via slots for test plugs in female plugs and carrier terminal blocks
  • Use jumpers to common female plugs and carrier terminal blocks: Select pole connections remain even after the plug has been pulled out
  • 500 V/32 A ratings are a cost-effective alternative to heavy-duty connectors



The X-COM®S-SYSTEM is available in two different terminal block widths: 3.5 mm/0.138 inch (2020 Series) and 5.2 mm/0.205 inch (2022 Series). It is compatible with our TOPJOB® S Rail-Mount Terminal Blocks and their wide range of accessories, e.g., for commoning and marking.

Your benefits:

  • Connect conductors up to 1.5 mm2 (16 AWG) at a terminal block width of just 3.5 mm (0.138 inch) and up to 4 mm2 (12 AWG) at a width of just 5.2 mm (0.205 inch)
  • Fast wiring via Push-in CAGE CLAMP® termination of solid, stranded and ferruled conductors
  • Prevent mismating by coding groups with the same pole numbers
  • Secure female plugs via locking levers and strain relief plates
  • Solve any conceivable commoning task via multifunctional jumpers (e.g., adjacent jumpers for continuous commoning)
  • Dual jumper slots for various commoning options
  • Clear identification via multi-line marking strips and WMB markers

System Wiring up to Ex Area

WAGO's pluggable X-COM®S-SYSTEM Rail-Mount Terminal Blocks are also available with Ex approval. These versions offer nA type of protection and are approved for use in Zone 2 hazardous areas.

Your benefits:

  • Quick and reliable replacement in hazardous areas (e.g., offshore platforms) – 100% mismating and touch-proof protection
  • Shorter locking levers heighten safety by making accidental disconnection more difficult
  • The X-COM®S-SYSTEM for Ex applications is designed and certified for a maximum conductor size of 4 mm2 (12 AWG) and a nominal current up to 20 A.


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