WAGO I/O System 750/753 Item no. 753-1630

SMI Master; 230 VAC

Item no. 753-1630
SMI Master

The SMI Master is a standard interface to SMI-compliant electrical drives.

The SMI Master operates up to 16 SMI drives. Several SMI Masters may be operated within a node.

Communication between applications and SMI drives is performed via special IEC function blocks. These function blocks support both single and group addressing, as well as status monitoring.

The SMI function blocks can be used with the 750 Series Programmable Fieldbus Controllers.

Alternatively, the fieldbus coupler mode provides simple function calls for control without complex PLC programming.

The SMI configurator is suitable for addressing, configuring and commissioning SMI drives.

Additional functions: The programmed commands can be overwritten by an external sensor or switch via additional digital input.
The drive can be switched off by a relay via additional digital output to save energy. The drive is automatically switched on again by the output before the next drive command.

About SMI: SMI stands for Standard Motor Interface, a standard interface for electrical drives. SMI was developed to connect drives with integrated electronic circuitry for applications in shutters and sunshade systems.SMI is a protected word/image mark of the SMI Standard Motor Interface e.V. VR995 District Court Constance.

Item no. 753-1630
SMI Master