Logistics Service

In addition to product quality, logistics is also a crucial quality criterion of WAGO. We understand logistics as a distribution challenge and an important marketing tool. For us, optimized logistics means that your customized orders reach you in the right quantity, and with the right packaging and labeling, at the specified time.

Everything for the Goal:

  • Logistics as a quality criterion
  • Joint logistics analysis
  • Optimization of ordering behavior
  • Agreed shipment dates

Adapting Logistics to Your Needs:

  • Analysis of common logistics, for and with our customers
  • Identification of optimization potential in goods traffic
  • Statistical analysis of order frequency and ordering behavior
  • Planning fixed, optimized order sizes
  • Need-based use of specified carriers
  • Delivery on agreed/specified shipment dates
  • Single-article shipping solutions
  • Optimized product identification with barcode solutions or additional delivery notes, e.g., VDA delivery notes

Our Services

What we can do for you: You can find all the information on our services in the logistics guidelines.