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Connection for All Makes of Consumption Meters: M-Bus

The M-Bus – An Inherently Cost-Optimized Fieldbus

The M-Bus system, based on a master/slave communication model, can be operated as a line, star or tree topology. The master powers the serial bus and processes the data of the M-Bus slaves (measurement devices).

M-Bus in Brief:

  • A single bus cable connects all meters to a central system.
  • Select bus nodes are supplied directly via the two-wire bus.
  • Devices from different manufacturers can be connected to a bus system, which does not bind users to a meter manufacturer.

M-Bus Simply Explained

The M-Bus (Meter Bus) is a cost-effective fieldbus for transmitting energy consumption data. A central master – in the simplest case, a WAGO controller with downstream level inverter – communicates via a two-wire bus (up to max. 250 slaves per segment) with bus devices (e.g., heat meter, water meter, electric meter, gas meter), as well as all sensor and actuator types.

Using M-Bus

The M-Bus is used to read energy consumption data from power meters, heat meters, gas meters, water meters and various sensors and actuators from different manufacturers. As an efficient system for measuring consumption data, the M-Bus is often used in the area of building control systems.

Your Advantages with the M-Bus Master

  • Direct (no external gateways/level inverters) and cost-effective connection of M-Bus devices to the I/O system

  • Highly flexible by combining with other I/Os and I/O system interfaces

  • Use of multiple modules for larger data volumes


M-Bus System Graphics

M-Bus Products from WAGO

M-Bus Master (753-649)

The 753-649 M-Bus Module acts as an M-Bus master, allowing M-Bus slaves to be directly connected to the WAGO-I/O-SYSTEM 750. The Meter-Bus (M-Bus) is a fieldbus system that transmits energy consumption data measured by M-Bus slaves (e.g., heat, water, electricity and gas meters), as well as all sensor and actuator types. The M-Bus master communicates with the M-Bus slaves and forms the interface between the M-Bus and the processing software.


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