Item no. 793-501

WMB marking card; as card; not stretchable; plain; snap-on type; white


Custom Labeling

Markers can also be customized using our Smart Designer Configuration Software.
Simply click on the "Configure" button on the right and label the markers as needed. To place an order, you must first register with the WAGO Configuration Software.

For re-orders, simply use the provided item number; this number can also be found in your software projects.

Have questions about the WAGO Configuration Software Smart Designer?
Please email them to [email protected]

Product details


Technical Data

Marking plain
Packing 10 strips with 10 markers per card

Geometrical Data

Marker/Strip width 5 mm
Marker width 5 mm

Material Data

Color white
Weight 8.522 g
Fire load 0.257 MJ

Commercial data

Product Group 2 (Terminal Block Accessories)
Packaging type bag
Country of origin DE
GTIN 4017332542623

Product family

WMB Multi marking system