{ "@context" : "http://schema.org/", "@type" : "Product", "name" : "Controller BACnet MS/TP", "description" : "<p>The BACnet MS/TP Controller (750-829) connects the WAGO I/O System to the BACnet protocol and supports the B‐BC BACnet device profile per DIN EN ISO 16484‐5. It communicates with other BACnet devices via BACnet MS/TP.</p><p>The controller provides the three following functionalities:</p><br/><ul><li>1. Native server: For each channel, appropriate BACnet objects are generated automatically for the digital and analog I/O modules that are connected to the controller.</li><li>2. Application server: Other supported BACnet objects can be created via IEC 61131‐3 programming environment and made available to a BACnet network.</li><li>3. Application client: Using the client functionality, objects and their properties can be accessed by other BACnet devices.</li></ul><br/><p>The IEC 61131-3 programmable controller is multitasking-capable and features a capacitor-backed RTC. </p><p>The ETHERNET service interfaces can be used for IEC downloads, for example. Furthermore, two ETHERNET interfaces and an integrated switch allow the ETHERNET fieldbus to be wired in a line topology. eliminating the need for additional network devices, such as switches or hubs. Both interfaces support autonegotiation and Auto-MDI(X). </p><p>An integrated Webserver provides configuration options to the user, while displaying the controller's status information. The Webserver cannot be used via BACnet MS/TP.</p><br/>For initial start-up, access to the Web-Based Management (WBM) via standard Web browser is required to set the baud rate and activate the MS/TP fieldbus. Further configuration and commissioning is performed via WAGO BACnet Configurator's Windows software (V1.8 or higher) and requires an additional BACnet router within the network.<br/><br/><p>The Protocol Implementation Statement (PICS) contains all supported objects, services and properties. The controller supports a maximum of 250 BACnet objects. </p><p>A slide switch enables the switching on of a terminating resistor together with the BIAS network on the RS-485 interface.</p>", "mpn" : "750-829", "sku" : "750-829", "brand" : { "@type":"Brand", "name":"WAGO" }, "manufacturer" : { "@type":"Organization", "name":"WAGO Kontakttechnik GmbH & Co. KG" }, "image" : "https://www.wago.com/medias/200-0200001c0000b35e000100b6-DE.jpg?context=bWFzdGVyfGltYWdlc3wyMzY4fGltYWdlL2pwZWd8YURKakwyZzJOeTh4TXprNU9EQTBNREF5TXpBM01DOHlNREJmTURJd01EQXdNV013TURBd1lqTTFaVEF3TURFd01HSTJYMFJGTG1wd1p3fDMwZTk5OGU5MjhkZDI0OGFjMDVjZTgxZTVjM2QzN2UwMmVhNzQ3NjUxNWYyMWEyZmZkMGNhYjVmYzUwNmJmOTg", "gtin13" : "4055143235310", "category" : "Controller", "url" : "https://www.wago.com/ae/plcs-controllers/controller-bacnet-ms-tp/p/750-829" }
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