WINSTA® MIDI Item no. 770-618

3-way distribution connector; 5-pole; Cod. I; 1 input; 3 outputs; blue

Item no. 770-618
3-way distribution connector

Distribution connector WINSTA® MIDI with protection against mismating

For signal and power transmission: The WINSTA® MIDI distribution connector with protection type IP20. The pluggable installation connectors with spring pressure connection technology work completely without screw connections. They allow fast, efficient, error-free installation in numerous applications. The coding options reduce installation errors, allowing fast, maintenance-free wiring of all components. The pluggable installation connector is protected in accordance with protection type IP20 (When mated: IP2xC (These compact connectors are not designed for use in open, easily accessible areas!)). This means that users' fingers will never come into contact with electrified contact elements. WINSTA® MIDI pluggable installation connectors with I coding in blue are especially suitable for intelligent, for instance for the dimming function of DALI lights. The rated current and voltage are important criteria for selecting a pluggable installation connector: They provide information about possible domains of use and applications. This product has a current rating of 25 A – so it is also suitable for powerful loads. The WINSTA® MIDI product line achieves maximum flexibility for the installation. With its Push-in CAGE CLAMP® spring pressure connection technology, it achieves time-saving, error-free installation and offers customization and flexibility for meeting an enormous variety of installation requirements.

Lower costs through fast commissioning and elimination of service expenses – solutions from WINSTA® MIDI

The WINSTA® Pluggable Connection System is perfectly tailored to the strict requirements of building installation. It makes electrical installation pluggable, and therefore faster, more reliable, and error-free. Using this pre-assembled system reduces time spent on assembly and errors during installation at the construction site. Now you can also lower installation costs without compromising safety and quality: The WINSTA® MIDI pluggable installation connector with marking reduces the need for servicing and prevents unnecessary downtime.

  • effective protection against mismating
  • for automation controllers
  • with I coding for controlling light (DALI standard)
  • custom-engineered solutions
  • convenient installation and commissioning
Item no. 770-618
3-way distribution connector