WINSTA® MIDI Item no. 771-9985/007-301

pre-assembled interconnecting cable; Eca; Socket/plug; 5-pole; Cod. I; H05VV-F 5G 2.5 mm²; 3 m; 2,50 mm²; blue

Item no. 771-9985/007-301
pre-assembled interconnecting cable

Cable assembly WINSTA® MIDI I coding

The WINSTA® MIDI cable assembly 5-pole provides the foundation for installation of fine-stranded and solid conductors. WAGO pluggable installation connectors are used when specifications repeat or are distributed on a defined pattern, for example for installing grid lighting or flush-mount lighting. The coding options reduce installation errors, allowing fast, maintenance-free wiring of all components. The pluggable installation connector is protected in accordance with protection type IP20 (When mated: IP2xC (These compact connectors are not designed for use in open, easily accessible areas!)). This means that users' fingers will never come into contact with energised contact elements. WINSTA® MIDI pluggable installation connectors with I coding in blue are particularly suitable for lighting management, for example for the dimming function of DALI lights. This pluggable installation connector can be used for electrical currents up to 20 A. Thus the product is also suitable for high power loads. WINSTA® MIDI with Push-in CAGE CLAMP® spring pressure connection technology is used in a broad range of individual products you can use for quick, easy, secure, tailored installation. Of course, the safety of buildings must always be ensured, even after the electrical installation has been performed. The required safety requirements in connection with EU CPR are fully satisfied by this product through fire class E.

Pluggable connections instead of screw connections – cable assemblies from WAGO

A socket and a plug are provided. The WINSTA® Pluggable Connection System is ideally tailored to the strict requirements of building installation. It makes electrical installation pluggable, and thus faster, even more reliable, and error-free. Using this pre-assembled system reduces time spent on assembly and installation errors at the construction site. Now you can also reduce installation costs without compromising quality and safety: The WINSTA® MIDI pluggable installation connector with fire class E reduces the need for servicing and prevents unnecessary downtime.

  • protection against mismating eliminates errors
  • pre-assembled versions
  • for intelligent, easy lighting installation
  • custom-engineered solutions
  • convenient installation and commissioning
Item no. 771-9985/007-301
pre-assembled interconnecting cable