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Who needs explosion protection? To whom does explosion protection apply? What must be noted here? And what is constructive explosion protection? WAGO has compiled answers to the most important questions for you.

Explosion protection regulation in Europe is based on the ATEX guidelines, made public in 1994 as Directive 94/9/EC and applicable since 2014 as a new version under the name 2014/34/EU. This directive covers devices and protective systems intended for use in hazardous locations.

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Principles of Explosion Protection

Everything worth knowing about Ex protection at a single glance.

Directive 2014/34/EU – Regulation of Manufacturer Obligations

According to 2014/34/EU Annex 1, the manufacturer must divide any equipment that can present ignition hazards (ignition sources) and lead to explosion into device groups and categories. For this equipment, an Ex type test and certification from one of the testing offices named must be conducted. If the device fulfills the requirements for the type test, the basis for the CE mark follows with the EC declaration of conformity. The equipment must come with operating instructions in which its proper use is defined.

Primary Explosion Protection

The primary concern is to prevent explosive atmosphere from forming, preferably by selecting non-flammable alternatives or materials that have a high flash point. If this is not feasible for whatever reason, the focus turns to other measures. For one, inertization. Here it is possible to take advantage of the property that an atmosphere only becomes explosive at an exact mixing ratio of a flammable material with oxygen.

Secondary Explosion Protection

This measure aims at preventing an ignition of dangerous explosive atmosphere if the arising of these cannot be avoided. For this, areas must be divided into danger zones in the application location according to the frequency and duration of the occurrence of explosive atmospheres. These define whether or not sources of ignition are permitted in particular danger zones. Click here for an overview of the ignition sources.

Tertiary Explosion Protection

It is not always possible to safely prevent the occurrence of a dangerous atmosphere and to exclude an ignition of suitable resources. In this case, additional explosion protection measures must be taken in order to reduce the effects of an explosion to a harmless level. The measures for constructive explosion protection include, in addition to pressure-proof and impact-proof housings, pressure reduction and pressure equalization equipment. Explosion suppression through extinguishing devices also counts toward this.

Requirements for Manufacturers and Operators

Manufacturer Obligations ATEX 95 – RL 1994/9/ECOperator Obligations ATEX 137 – RL 1999/92/EC
Specifications for proper use: purpose, temperature class, ambient conditions, explosion group and categoryExecution of a hazard assessment for tools and systems requiring monitoring (per ArbSchG, BImSchG, GefStoffV, BetrSichV, StörfallV & technical rules and regulations)
Equipment must comply with the essential safety and health requirements.Installation setup, commissioning and maintenance instructions according to BetrSichV §§4.7/§12
Execution of risk and ignition source analysisSpecification of zones and selection of the appropriate equipment (see, for example, BetrSichV Annex 3, DIN EN 60079-10 or example collection BGR 104)
Use the conformity assessment procedure;
if necessary, have testing performed by specified test office.
Adherence to the installation, start-up, and maintenance instructions
CE mark of the product declaration of conformityCompletion of explosion protection document
Regular updatingRegular updating

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