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EDI allows fully automatic data exchange of standard business processes between two application systems. ELGATE forms the central data hub for business data between wholesalers and the electronics industry. WAGO supports both solutions so you can procure our products quickly and easily.


  • EDI stands for Electronic Data Interchange.
  • EDI automates the transfer of business documents.
  • ELGATE stands for “Elektro-Geschäftsdaten-Austausch-Technologie” – electronic business data exchange technology.
  • ELGATE is an information system for the electronics industry and electronic wholesalers.

Transmit Business Documents Securely with EDI

What is EDI?
EDI, Electronic Data Interchange, makes it possible to convey orders, as well as request confirmations, invoices and delivery receipts between your company and WAGO securely in seconds. For the actual transfer, the business documents are converted to a standard EDI format which both the sender and receiver can read and are then transmitted via any transfer protocol.

What do we need EDI for?
Direct exchange of electronic documents between two application systems is very difficult to implement. Therefore, the EDIFACT message standard has become established in EDI. To generate/process EDIFACT messages, you need special software and an “EDI converter,” which is offered by various software vendors. You must also provide various communication channels (including x.400, AS/2 and FTP) for secure, traceable and error-free exchange of documents with all partners. Depending on the scope of your processes and volume of your messages, it may be more cost-effective to hire a service provider (clearing center). WAGO has entrusted Curamus GmbH in Oldenburg to handle this task for many years.

WAGO will be happy to support you in setting up an EDI system. It is left up to you whether to operate your EDI system entirely on your own or hire a service provider. We have many years of experience with EDI and can advise you on commercial and technical issues. Get in contact and take advantage of the many benefits of EDI.

Your benefits:

  • Paperless document flow

  • Orders recorded immediately by the target system

  • Duplicate and erroneous entries are ruled out

  • Prompt, fully automatic transfer of the order confirmation

  • Increases planning and scheduling reliability

  • Information on the delivery immediately after unpacking

  • Automated invoice flow

Supported EDI Formats

WAGO relies on the EDIFACT EDI standard in the EDILEKTRO format in accordance with D96a. We are also happy to implement other EDIFACT versions or other formats (e.g., XML, SAP IDOC) for you.

Furthermore, we offer you the option of connecting via myOpenFactory.

WAGO supports the following EDI message types:


  • ORDRSP – Orders Response

  • DESADV – Despatch Advice/VDA 4905


  • Invoice in ZUGFeRD format

Example EDI Project Sequence

  1. Initial Contact with Your EDI Partner at WAGO
    Please contact your EDI partner at WAGO. After an initial discussion, we will be happy to send you our checklist.
  2. Fine-tuning
    Together we fine-tune the EDI formats and communication, as well as any special handling processes.
  3. Curamus Project Assignment by WAGO
    Once all the information has been collected, please send us a test order. We then assign the implementation to Curamus. Curamus may then contact you directly.
  4. Synchronization of Master Data
    Before productive operation, it makes sense to synchronize article master data. This allows prompt, error-free processing of EDI orders.
  5. Test Phase and Conclusion
    Depending on the scope of the desired message types, a test phase may be necessary and is then followed by a full-fledged launch.

EDI Clearing Center

CURAMUS is our preferred and trusted partner for EDI.


Faster Information Exchange with ELGATE

What is ELGATE?

ELGATE, “Electronics Business Data Exchange Technology,” is a closed information system for authorized participants from the electronics industry and electronics wholesalers and was developed by the German Electrical and Electronic Manufacturers’ Association (ZVEI) and the German Association of Electronics Wholesalers (Bundesverband des Elektro-Grosshandels e.V. – VEG).

Information exchange involves providing the necessary data from the ERP system of the manufacturer/supplier. Thus no intermediate storage of business data occurs.

Your benefits:

  • Consistent user interface for all suppliers and manufacturers

  • Query processing anywhere, anytime, by anyone

  • Setting up and operating the information system together as partners reduces costs

  • Saves time and optimizes process costs

  • Increases customer satisfaction and customer retention

  • Data delivery from real data of the ERP system – no separate data provision necessary

  • Existing portal technology used

  • Data inventory always up-to-date

  • Minimal administrative time and effort

ELGATE in Detail

Efficient query processing: Discover the potential of ELGATE for your company.

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