Topics 9 June 2017
Your Career at WAGO

We are happy to be one of Germany's best employers.

An honor that we owe to our 7,500 employees around the world. They are imaginative, innovative and international – making WAGO one of the leading worldwide companies of electrical interconnection and automation products. We value their knowledge, skills and talent. Our employees should feel at home working for us. Shape the future with us: When do you want to be a part of the team?

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What awaits you:

  • International high-tech company
  • Family atmosphere
  • Opportunties for development
  • Work/life balance
  • Culture of open communication

The Culture of a Family Company

WAGO is a third-generation, family-owned company. Team spirit and a tight-knit network of equitable working relationships are the supporting pillars of our corporate structure. At WAGO, the hierarchies are flat and decision-making processes are short. Our approach is to create a general framework for our personnel, which guides them as they grow in their respective areas. We equip our employees with cutting-edge technology and provide them with numerous opportunities to improve their health and fitness, as well as a program centered on balancing family and career, “WAGO Family.” We believe in social responsibility, not only for our employees, but for the greater good. This is apparent in our regional commitment to social, educational, athletic and cultural events.

Individual Development and Career Possibilities

Committed people, who identify with our goals and visions, have made WAGO what it is today: a dynamic and prosperous high-tech company that continually sets new standards with its innovative products. To mainatin this enviable position, we place a great importance in the ongoing development of our employees. Recognize potential and promote individual competencies – this is the philosophy of WAGO's personnel development. To discover talent in the company, we apply professional potential analysis processes. As we identify employees’ strengths, we offer tailored development programs that offer the potential of moving into project or work group management. Our seminar catalog is available to all WAGO employees. An internal seminar catalog includes a broad spectrum of training – from product training and IT training to language courses, on through offerings focused on further developing social and personal skills. Furthermore, each year our employees receive feedback about their performance and personal development during a comprehensive performance review with their supervisors. Also during this meeting, employees and their supervisors discuss personal development opportunities and the potential training. At our company, management personnel also regularly receive feedback in the form of a 360° feedback method. Feedback from supervisors, employees and colleagues is collected to help highlight strengths and areas for development in a highly targeted and supportive manner.

To Your Success:

  • Professional potential analysis processes

  • Development programs tailored to targeted groups

  • Seminar catalogs for all employees

  • Wide spectrum of further development opportunities

  • Annual feedback about performance and personal development in an extensive performance review

  • 360° feedback for management

Work-Life Balance

We support balancing family and career through flexible work hours and numerous additional services with our WAGO Family program. For parents, we offer support in the form of advisory services and a child care subsidy for children below school age, for example. WAGO Family was developed to be a holistic program that encompasses all generations and also contains the cornerstone, “Care for Dependents.” A partner of ours offers a 24-hour hotline to WAGO employees. Moreover, a case management program offers assistance for cases requiring nursing care. Healthy, motivated employees are key to ensuring company success. This is why prevention and employee satisfaction are central to our holistic health management concept, consisting of several perks such as our own company doctor, nutrition advice, workplace ergonomics and company sports.

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Attractive Additional Offerings

  • All of the advantages of a collective bargaining company (e.g., vacation and holiday pay)
  • Pension plan
  • All employees directly profit from company success through a profit-sharing plan.
  • Especially attractive conditions for disability coverage with capital commitment – a health exam is not required.
  • At our Minden location, WAGO and trusted partners operate the “Löwenzahn” (Dandelion) daycare center, which offers childcare facilities for employees' children.
  • Child care subsidy for children below school age
  • Our own company doctor for occupational health checks
  • Wellness measures provided on-site by the company (e.g., massage, company sports)