Success for Generations: Environmental Protection at WAGO

At WAGO, we do not view environmental protection as merely observing environmental protection regulations.

As a growing company, our commitment to the environment is our motivation for implementing new ideas, concepts, and technologies along the entire service life of our products. We support our workers and business partners in this.

At All Levels:

  • Certified Management System
  • Company-Related Environmental Management
  • Product-Related Environmental Protection

Company-Related Environmental Management

Company growth also leads to higher consumption of resources. We recognize that the economic success of our company also depends on achieving environmental goals.

As a manufacturer, we support developments that contribute to environmental protection. We always track individual material flows along the value added chain, because we view raw materials, product design, production, and consumption as parts of the whole.

With our environmental management system, certified per DIN EN ISO 14001, we ensure that national and international requirements are observed in all branches of the company, and that environmental protection considerations are involved in all company processes. In addition, WAGO makes other environmental protection efforts that extend beyond the ISO requirements.

Examples include: recycling plastic materials, raw material conservation in production and packaging materials, the use of recycled paper across the entire company, the introduction of charging stations for e-vehicles, and the use of waste heat in production processes.

Product-Related Environmental Protection

Product-related environmental protection plays a significant role in WAGO's sustainable environmental management. We place high priority on ensuring adherence to substance prohibitions/limitations worldwide (e.g., REACH, RoHS).

• RoHS – Restriction of the Use of Certain Hazardous Substances

This relates to the EU directive that regulates the use of hazardous substances in equipment and components. In addition to reducing impacts on people and the environment, the regulation's goal is improving possibilities for recycling. WAGO closely monitors RoHS developments and will respond accordingly, and in a timely manner, to any changes in these requirements. Our products, that meet the material requirements of this directive, feature a “RoHS-compliant” identification mark on their packaging.

• REACH – Registration, Evaluation and Authorization of Chemicals

REACH is a European Union regulation (No. 1907/2006) that was enacted on June 1, 2007, and since then has been a valid legal basis for all EU member states. To protect human health and the environment, this EU chemical regulation strives for classification and identification of all chemicals and their effects.

The REACH regulation also assigns specific duties to every participant in the supply chain. The products manufactured by WAGO are subject to the regulation. However, as products are not subject to registration, WAGO usually assumes the role of the downstream user in the supply chain. Therefore, WAGO has a duty to inform subsequent links along the supply chain according to REACH Regulation Article 33. Naturally, WAGO takes this duty seriously.

• BOMcheck

European laws, such as REACH and RoHS, require information to be provided about restricted substances in products. This information must be forwarded by the manufacturers and vendors in the supply chain. WAGO uses BOMcheck to successfully and efficiently tackle this challenge with respect to product-related environmental protection.

BOMcheck is a centralized database for the declaration of substances. This is a compliance tool designed specifically to allow manufacturers and suppliers to efficiently create well-structured substance declarations that comply with REACH, RoHS and other regulations concerning the limitation of substances. This Internet database system enhances data quality in the product-related environmental protection sector.

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• Less Is More: Our Packaging

Recyclability drives the selection of our packaging materials. All packaging used by WAGO can be recycled in the economic cycle without any additional pretreatment. In addition to recycling, we value reductions in the use of raw materials. For this reason, our cartons are made with up to 80% recycled paper content and are provided with the RESY symbol. The RESY symbol guarantees compliance with the packaging regulation for transport packaging. And appropriately enough, the designation is indicated by partial perforations. This method enables ink-free printing of WAGO cartons. Ink-free printing in turn prevents unnecessary environmental impacts.

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