Topics 12 June 2017
Your Future: Training and Dual Studies

Are you looking for a training position or dual study opportunity with a family-owned, international company? Then you've come to the right place.

At WAGO, fostering team spirit and offering individual support are ingrained in our everyday culture. Over two hundred trainees and students in 17 different careers and study courses are setting the cornerstone for successful careers with us. You, too, have this opportunity – find all open training opportunities and study courses here.

Your Opportunities:

Do you have your diploma in hand? Are you looking to get you career moving?

  • Commercial Apprenticeships
  • Technical Apprenticeships
  • Dual Studies

Dual Studies

Are you ready to finish school or have you already completed post-school and are ready to gain hands-on, real-life experience? Then learn more about our dual studies programs in the technical or commercial areas. The connection between theory and practice offers our students the opportunity to combine the knowledge they are acquiring from the theory phase with practical experience. WAGO offers attractive compensation throughout the entire course of study. We cooperate with various technical colleges and universities in the region.

In Brief:

  • Study in a practical setting
  • Attractive compensation

WAGO is the right partner for the following courses of dual studies:

  • Bachelor of Engineering, with a major in Business Engineering (Minden Campus or PHWT in Diepholz)
  • Bachelor of Engineering, with a major in Electrotechnology (Minden Campus or PHWT in Diepholz)
  • Bachelor of Engineering, with a major in Machine Engineering (Minden Campus or PHWT in Diepholz)
  • Bachelor of Science, with a major in Information Technology (Minden Campus)
  • Bachelor of Science, with a major in Business Information (Hochschule Weserbergland)
  • Bachelor of Arts, with a major in Business Administration (Hochschule Weserbergland)
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Qualifications desired for dual studies at WAGO:

  • High school diploma or examination for admission to a technical college
  • Readiness to work
  • Foreign language skills
  • Good grades in the sciences
  • A completed training program in the area in question is desirable.

Technical Apprenticeships

Are you strongly interested in things technical, and do you enjoy teamwork? Then apply for a training program in one of our technical areas.
Our trainees are prepared for their future work as specialists under the guidance of our professionals. Our training institute with the associated trainers is the ideal environment for this.

In Brief:

  • Numerous majors
  • Training workshop as ideal learning environment

You can participate in the following technical training programs at WAGO:

  • Tool mechanic
  • Industrial mechanic
  • Process mechanic for plastics and rubber
  • Machine and system operator
  • Technical product designer
  • Mechatronics specialist
  • Electrician for devices and systems
  • Electrician for operating technology

Also at our Sondershausen location:

  • Warehouse logistics specialist

For a technical training program at WAGO, you should possess the following:

  • A good school diploma
  • Technical interest
  • Good grades in mathematics and physics

Commercial Apprenticeships

Are you already interested in the business affairs and processes of an internationally successful company? Then you've come to the right place. At WAGO, our trainees work in critical departments. This placement not only makes them familiar with our company and its processes, but also provides valuable expertise through day-to-day interaction with our professionals.

In Brief:

  • Optimum support
  • Diverse areas of responsibility

You can participate in the following commercial training programs at WAGO:

  • Industrial clerk
  • System integration specialist
  • Application development specialist
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Commercial trainees at WAGO typically have the following:

  • A secondary school diploma or the examination for entrance to a technical college.
  • Interest in business affairs
  • A can-do attitude and ability to thrive in a team setting