WAGO Worldwide

With over 7,500 employees worldwide, WAGO is on location for its customers around the globe.

The Minden headquarters, our production and logistical hub in Sondershausen and seven international production sites belong to the WAGO group. These are joined by nineteen additional sales companies, the software specialist M&M Software and representatives in over eighty countries.

The WAGO Group:

  • Minden Headquarters
  • Germany
  • International
  • M&M Software

WAGO Companies

An Overview of Our Subsidiaries

Minden Headquarters

WAGO Headquarters

Over 2,500 employees work in production, management and development at company headquarters. The Communication Center is the starting point for customers and colleagues from throughout the world.


Our German Locations

We are there for you with our plants in Minden and Sondershausen, as well as our eight sales offices throughout Germany.

M&M Software

Extensive Industry-Specific Expertise

Our subsidiary M&M Software works hand in hand with us as a qualified supplier of software solutions.


Our International Locations

As a mid-sized company with several thousand employees, we are well represented worldwide.

Production Sites

Worldwide Plants

Our products are manufactured at nine locations. Thus, they are well positioned for all national and international markets.

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Additional service offerings:

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Global Growth

Trust Creates Results

Since its founding in 1951, the WAGO Group has grown continuously – as demonstrated by our revenue, personnel and investment development.