News 17 March 2020
UPDATE: Impact of the corona virus for WAGO

Dear Business Partners,

In order to respond appropriately to the current dynamic situation regarding the spread of the coronavirus, WAGO is intensifying its emergency measures based on its pandemic plan. The preventive components apply to all locations to protect the health of our employees, prevent the spread of the coronavirus and continue doing business in the best possible way.

This includes, on the one hand, significant travel restrictions, adaptation of our meeting culture to digital meetings and broad reduction of visits to external business partners at our locations. On the other hand, we have introduced more stringent preventive measures, with a particular focus on compliance with strict hygiene and rules regarding social distance in meeting and dining areas. With the help of home office regulations (up to 30 % in the office sector) and the equalization of our workspaces, we want to further mitigate the situation.

In the future, we will be able to offset the bottlenecks caused in January and February due to production downtime in Tianjin, China by changing the shipping route from sea freight to air freight and rail; more than 90 % of our employees in China are back on board.

We are in contact with all partners in our supply chain in an effort to stay informed about possible effects at an early stage and to react. From today's perspective, we see only very few shortages on the procurement side and our inventory is also well-positioned in terms of our finished products with the exception of a few individual cases.

Moreover, the current border closures have not affected our ability to move goods.

We are closely monitoring the current situation and will continue to inform you about developments should any impact on our ability to deliver become apparent.

March 05, 2020

Herewith we would like to inform you about the effects of the coronavirus on our business.

We are following the recommendations and guidelines of the authorities to contain the coronavirus and have taken appropriate measures. Our plant in China, Tianjin, 1200 kilometers from the metropolis of Wuhan, resumed production on February 21, 2020 after successful inspection by the local authorities. In calendar week 10, 90 percent of production capacity was again reached. The aim is to have the full production capacity in calendar week 11.

Currently, the spread of the coronavirus has only had a low impact on our business activities. At present, goods are still arriving by sea. At present we are still able to compensate production losses by switching freight routes from sea freight to air freight. Furthermore, we are in communication with all partners in our supply chain to keep informed about possible effects at an early stage and to be able to react. At present, we do not see any serious effects beyond very less individual cases here.

For WAGO, we are taking appropriate precautions based on our pandemic plan to minimize the risk of the virus spreading to our employees worldwide.

We are closely monitoring the current situation and will keep you informed of developments should there be any impact on our ability to supply.

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