Hands on! Connection Technology with the WAGO Lever!

Whether in control cabinet construction, industrial electronics or electrical installation: The WAGO lever makes it possible to connect conductors without tools – quickly, easily and reliably.

  • - Universally intuitive

  • - Tool-free

  • - For all conductor types

Splicing Connectors with Levers

Whether for intercom wiring or for connecting lights on ovens: The lever makes manual wiring with the 221 Series Splicing Connectors quick, easy and reliable.


PCB Terminal Blocks with Levers

Connection of PCB terminal blocks in industrial electronics requires no tools - wiring can bow be performed quite easily by hand as well. PCB terminal blocks with levers make this possible.


PCB Connectors with Levers

PCB connectors with levers make it possible to connect industriial electronics easily on site in the field - with convenient tool-free manual operation.

Rail-Mount Terminal Blocks with Levers

Rail-mount terminal blocks with levers make control cabinet wiring universally intuitive. Opening and closing the clamping point by hand is quite simple.