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Our Responsibility

For us, sustainability is not a mere option, it is a key success factor.

Given sustainability’s importance, we actively search for ways to incorporate it into every area that our business directly or indirectly impacts. We guide ourselves according to universal ethics and principles – especially integrity, honesty and respect for humankind. For WAGO, this also means we assume responsibility by considering the consequences of our business decisions and actions from economic, technical, social, and ecological standpoints.

Taking Responsibility:

  • Sustainability as conviction
  • For our employees
  • For environmental protection
  • For society
  • Along the supply chain

Sustainability at WAGO

Relying on the Right, Long-Term Connections

We strive to ensure that the interests of all participating persons and processes align with the requirements that arise from our focus on sustainability.

Long-term alignment

In our sustainability report, we present the basis of our sustainability program:

  • Our corporate vision
  • Commitment & corporate standards
  • Sustainability analysis
  • Sustainability priorities

Quality of Life

In our sustainability report, read how we contribute to a better quality of life.

  • Our WAGO benefits
  • Diversity as a factor of success
  • Community engagement
  • Responsibility in the supply chain


Resource Conservation

For more information on our approaches to resource conservation, see the sustainability report.

  • Sustainable products & solutions
  • Circular economy
  • Climate protection
  • Packaging


Details of Our Commitment

Sustainability Report 2019/20

In our current sustainability report, you will find additional information on the above-mentioned key topics of our sustainability program.


Archive – Previous Reports

Here you will find the previous years' versions for reading and documentation.

Our Code of Conduct

WAGO is committed to the ZVEI & VDMA industry code and passes on the requirements to the upstream supply chain.

Code of Conduct

Whistleblower System

Text on the whistleblower system: Compliance with laws, regulations and internal guidelines is our top priority. Here you can share confidential information.

Corporate Standards

WAGO sets high standards for sustainability. The environmental and social corporate certificates can be found on the following page.

Approved Quality

Environmental Product Compliance Search

RoHS and REACH declarations can be accessed via the “Environmental Product Compliance Search.” You will also find the “SCIP notification number” there.

Your Contact at WAGO

Additional service offerings:

Our Mission Statement

Mission and Vision

As professionals in electrical interconnection and automation technologies, we understand our responsibilities to guarantee reliable data and power supplies into the future. You can count on us – every day of the week!

Our Motivation

Values and Culture

As a family company with a strong sense of responsibility, we constantly work toward the welfare of everyone involved – whether employees, customers or suppliers. This principle is deeply rooted in our culture and influences all of our day-to-day activities.

Our Approach