Артикул №.2759-208/211-1000

Библиотека MTP; Единичен лиценз; Онлайн активиране

Артикул №.2759-208/211-1000
Библиотека MTP; Единичен лиценз; Онлайн активиране;
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Modular systems are becoming increasingly common in manufacturing and process engineering. Fluctuating quantities and highly specialized products require efficient production in small quantities. Modular systems are also used in other industries (e.g., shipbuilding) where simple integration into higher-level systems is the key to success.

The use of specially licensed libraries in e!COCKPIT make it possible to create a Module Type Package (MTP) description of an automation module with just one click according to the VDI/VDE/NAMUR 2658 standard adopted jointly by Namur, ZVEI and VDMA.

In e!COCKPIT, project-independent module engineering is performed using the “WAGO Library MTP.” The information technology interfaces (PCT points) are defined and the control logic and operating screens are created. The description of this module (MTP) can be easily exported using the e!COCKPIT MTP add-on, provided that the “Library MTP” was used to create the module automation.

In system engineering, this description is read in again and the corresponding data structures and operator screens are generated on the basis of this definition.

  • Simple integration of system modules into control and visualization systems
  • Module engineering is only done once - reusable
  • Dynamic adaptation without extensive engineering required
  • Uniform look and feel – even with modules from different manufacturers

- Plug and Produce

In addition to e!COCKPIT, the simple creation of the MTP at the push of a button requires the e!COCKPIT MTP engineering add-on (2759-120/1121-1000) as well as a “WAGO Library MTP (2759-208/211-1000)” license for each controller.

Enter the “WAGO MTP Library” license into e!COCKPIT, assign it to a device and load both the license and project into the device. No other installation steps are required.