The Master of the Facility

Modern building management is simply efficient.

As facility manager, your primary task is: To do everything in your power to ensure the building you are responsible for operates with uninterrupted, efficient reliability and offers its users the comfort they expect. WAGO is your partner and supports you in this task with numerous smart solutions.

From WAGO for You:

  • Intelligent light management
  • Smart building automation
  • Convenient energy data management
  • Comprehensive training
  • Partnered support

WAGO in Buildings

Solutions for Your Tasks

Greater comfort, higher reliability, lower operating costs:
This is building technology with WAGO!

  • WAGO Room Automation

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  • WAGO Lighting Management

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  • Energy Data Management with WAGO

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  • Quick Planning, Quick Plugging

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“Building Renovation” White Paper

Information to download: How you can optimize operations with building automation


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