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Système de précâblage

Connectez les composants individuels de votre automatisation de manière systématique, rapide et simple ; grâce aux solutions de système de précâblage de WAGO. Cela permet d'économiser du temps pour les solutions d'installations et d'armoires de commande de plus en plus complexes ainsi que du temps et de l'argent lors de la planification, de l'installation et de la mise en service.

Vos avantages :

  • Connexion sûre et sans erreur de composants individuels
  • Câblage rapide grâce aux câbles système pré-assemblés
  • Modules d'interface pour jusqu'à 16 canaux
  • Possibilités claires de repérage

Aperçu des produits

Nos produits dans le domaine des systèmes de précâblage

Controller-Specific Interface Modules and System Cables

On the following pages, you’ll find all the information on our controller-specific interface modules and systems cables. With our solutions, you can connect your preferred automation system quickly and easily. We offer solutions for all major manufacturers of automation systems.

Universal Interface Modules

WAGO’s interface modules offer you safe and maintenance-free connections for flexible signal wiring applications. They connect electronics to electrical systems at the control level and handle signal transmission and distribution on the control and field levels (system, machine). The control signals from pre-assembled plug-in connections, such as RJ45 and RS-232, as well as common ribbon cables, are applied to terminal block connections.

  • Economical, time-saving configuration and calculation thanks to a reduction in the wiring modules needed
  • Fast wiring, commissioning and troubleshooting thanks to clearly organized wiring and pole marking
  • Safe, maintenance-free connection of signal lines using reliable terminal blocks equipped with CAGE CLAMP® Spring Pressure Connection Technology
  • Space-saving, high-density control cabinet wiring

Universal System Cables

WAGO’s system wiring for universal components supports you with quick installation, mounting and maintenance. Choose the right interface from our broad selection of products, whether RJ45, RS-232 or other universal connection components.

  • Fast, simple connection between connection levels (sensors and actuators) and controllers
  • For greater flexibility in system planning, also available with open cable ends
  • Time savings through pre-assembled interface cables

Nouveaux produits

New Interface and Coupler Module

30 Percent Less Space Required with Integrated Shielding

The new RJ-45 Cat 6A interface module and the RJ-45 Cat 6A coupler module are ideal for 10 Gigabit Ethernet (10GBASE-T) and high-speed applications up to 500 MHz. They are also PoE and PoE+ compatible and take up 30 % less space than the previous WAGO solution.

These two new modules supplement the existing WAGO interface modules (289 Series) and offer advantages for meeting typical in-the-field challenges, such as wiring with tool-free connection technology. With the coupler module, you can now also directly link two field connectors, opening up interconnection points for networks with ready-made cables.

The modules also each offer an integrated shielding option, which can be disabled on the front. Both variants meet the Cat 6A ISO component specifications.

The Benefits for You:

  • Quick and easy extension of existing cables
  • Requires 30 % less space than the previous WAGO solution
  • For Cat. 6 A applications
  • With TIA-568A/B wiring, only one more item is necessary in order for both wiring diagrams to be used
  • Integrated shielding option with front-side deactivation
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