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e!COCKPIT Profiler; Single License


The e!COCKPIT Profiler add-on allows programmers and application developers to measure and evaluate the processing times and code coverage of the different blocks in an IEC 61131-3 application at an early stage. This add-on can be seamlessly integrated into the e!COCKPIT Engineering Software and measurement may be performed parallel to the application development in the standard development environment.


  • Measure both machine code’s runtime behavior and code coverage right at the beginning of the development phase
  • Detect runtime problems at an early stage
  • Identify both time-consuming program parts and unused programming blocks
  • Overall and individual measurement of all application blocks
  • Identify the code efficiency by comparing historical and actual measurements
  • Increase the software quality

Main functions:

  • Implicit binary code extension during translation, without changing the program code of a project
  • Dynamic measurement via code instrumentation at each function entry and exit
  • Only during measurement: temporary code enlargement and runtime extension of 10 to 50%
  • Measurement start by a variable or by command
  • Overview of the measurement results in the development environment


  • Control the runtime measurement via freely selectable Boolean variable
  • Measure the runtime of individual programming blocks and function block instances within the “profiler watch list”
  • Measure the percentage of missed instructions per block via code coverage
  • Measurement results show the time-critical path

Setting options:

  • Select the task to be measured
  • Select the unit base (tick, milliseconds or microseconds)
  • Define the memory size required for the measurement
  • Adjust the measurement behavior (next or maximum cycle)
  • Select the calls to be measured in the monitoring list
  • Select the program blocks to be measured to determine the code coverage

The results in detail:

  • Percentage of time spent in the call
  • Total time spent in call
  • Average time of all POU calls in a single cycle
  • Minimum and maximum processing time over multiple cycles
  • Number of calls
  • Time spent for each call
  • Standard deviation of average measured time
  • Percentage of the iterated code

Display the results as:

  • Summary table
  • Call tree (time- or process-oriented)
  • Tables
  • Watch list

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Hard disk storage min. 30 MByte
Další potřebný software e!COCKPIT version: V1.4.0


Typ licence Single-user license
Způsob dodání Instalační soubor (ke stažení)
License type note Single license allows installation on one computer.
License type note (2) Internet connection may be required for license activation.

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