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Corporations are increasingly scrutinizing the efficiency of their buildings and equipment. In addition to legal obligations, tremendous possibilities for savings and leveraging potential synergies for future gains are very alluring.

Regardless of the maturity of your energy management system, a good system adapts to your requirements and provides new insights into potential savings in your company at every stage.

WAGO offers versatile solutions for both your department and your company’s comprehensive energy management plan. No matter what goal you pursue – from merely meeting legal obligations to reducing energy costs. We support you in making the best use of your operation’s potential – from monitoring to the identification of suitable measures.

WAGO Energy Data Management

The new WAGO Energy Data Management system easily records and manages energy data without any programming and can be upgraded at any time. Combining preconfigured hardware and user-friendly software into one package, WAGO’s measurement system can be readily integrated into both systems and building technologies. In addition to energy-specific values, like electrical currents or voltages, many other measurement values can also be recorded that are relevant for industrial and process technologies or for building applications.

For example, current, gas, heat, water, compressed air and temperature can be measured in one system, providing a comprehensive view into a company’s energy flows and production processes. The system hardware includes the WAGO PFC200 Controller and the WAGO-I/O-SYSTEM 750.

Advantages of WAGO’s Energy Data Management System:

  • Easy parameterization via web visualization – no programming needed
  • Connect existing sensors to the WAGO-I/O-SYSTEM
  • Integrated visualization
  • Evaluate energy data and create efficiency plans
  • Meet DIN EN ISO 50001 requirements using key performance indicators (KPIs) for buildings

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Energy data management


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Record, Visualize and Analyze Energy Data – Individual, Simple and Expandable

Our solution, consisting of software combined with a modular control system, records measurement data from different media and variables for energy monitoring and processes them for further analyses, archiving and reporting. The software automatically detects different signals from the connected meters and sensors, making them available for energy analysis tools via simple parameter settings.

Components for Electrical Energy Measurement:
  • Current transformers for connecting electrical installations of different rated currents
  • Ready to easily retrofit existing systems
  • Voltage taps for voltage measurement
Controller and Input Modules
  • High-performance controller with integrated Webserver
  • Connect to existing networks via ETHERNET or WLAN router
  • Extensive range of analog and digital input modules for 3-phase power measurement
  • Interfaces connect to M-Bus meters and wireless-based EnOcean sensors
  • Simple allocation of specific meter data and sensors
  • Convenient data logging to suit your requirements
  • Transparent function check via measurement data visualization
  • Automatically detect hardware upgrade
Providing the data via:  
1. Fixed MODBUS Interface

All measurement values of the up to 32 connected I/O modules are saved in the fixed MODBUS register area.
2. Dynamic MODBUS Interface

Up to 80 measuring channels are saved in the dynamic MODBUS register area, along with current measurement values and a specified designation for the measuring point.

With this approach, you can conveniently transfer prespecified designations of up to 80 measuring channels to a higher-order software system via MODBUS.
3. FTP Function

The measurement series saved on the SD card can be transmitted to a previously selected server via FTP or FTPS. The transmission can be actuated either manually or automatically at a user-specified time interval.
4. Maximum return on investment

Thanks to its scalability, the modular system can be expanded at any time.
Easy Configuration and Commissioning  
Automatic detection of connected I/O modules
Transparent, clearly structured configuration pages
Data Logging and Visualization
  • Cyclically log data for up to 80 channels
  • Conveniently select data point via data picker
  • Easily export overview of logged channels as CSV data for documenting measuring points
  • Adjust memory time flexibly
  • Visualize configured data points as line or bar charts via data plotter

Find out what products you need for your energy data management here.

Base Unit
PFC 200 Application Controller (750-8202/000-022) for Energy Data Management
The application controller is the basic platform for the energy data management application.
Gateways Gateways
EnOcean Gateway (item no. 2852-7101)

Wireless telegrams can be received from EnOcean temperature and humidity sensors via the EnOcean Gateway. The EnOcean Gateway is connected to the WAGO Energy Data Management System via the serial interface (Item No. 750-652).
PW20 M-Bus Level Converter (item no. on request)

With the PW20 M-Bus Level Converter, up to 20 M-Bus meters can be connected to the WAGO Energy Data Management System. The level converter is connected via the serial interface (Item No. 750-652).

Your WAGO energy data management is just five steps away.

1. Select the hardware needed; information about the I/O modules to be used is available at:
You will find information about voltage converters at:
2. Download the software “WAGO energy data management” and transfer the “WAGO energy data management” software to the application controller.
3. Install the hardware
4. Configure the input signals
5. Connect to the energy management software, SCADA or analysis tools (data transfer via MODBUS or FTPs)

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“Energy data management is more than a gesture of goodwill – it is a clear competitive advantage!”

Lukas Dökel, Manager of Current and Energy Measurement

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Why is energy management important to you?

Patrick Paschke H&R Ölwerke Schindler, Hamburg

“I am responsible for optimizing energy management in all sectors of the oil refinery, from the process technology up to the building. At the moment, we have a few new construction projects and retrofits in the queue, and it would be a natural fit to set up an intelligent energy recording system from the very beginning. We are already using WAGO couplers; now, I would like to learn which other products would make sense in our plans.”
Volker Schaelicke, Schaelicke E-Service, Rellingen

“We primarily serve small and medium-sized companies in the electrical engineering, installation and IT industries. It is important for us to know what requirements our customers will face in the future in the area of energy data management so we can offer them customized solutions.”
Andreas Eyermann, SKM GmbH, Isernhagen

“I am active in the field of plant engineering and building technology. We are currently building a new facility that will be as energy-efficient as possible. We would like to use components from WAGO for the energy management system. WAGO also supports us in project planning.”
Manfred Meyer, Stadtwerke Rotenburg (Wümme), Rotenburg (Wümme)

“As the head technician at the municipal swimming pool, energy efficiency is important to me. Savings potentials are particularly interesting, as well as new trends in the areas of measuring and control technology. We have already automated the lighting control in the entries to the swimming pool. In the future, I would like to automatically control the energy management for the entire building and pool.”

Learn More by Measuring

Transparent data is the cornerstone of every efficiency improvement initiative. Without solid data, it is impossible to determine potential or gauge improvements. WAGO’s energy data management system allows various media to be clearly recorded and visualized.

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Learn More by Measuring

The first step does not necessarily require expensive technology – cost-effective meters and temporary consumption measurements can yield successful results. Right from the beginning, economically discover what your major energy consumers are.

  • Is the high-bay warehouse with its high connection values really my Number 1 energy guzzler, or is it the compressors that never cease running?
  • Whoever optimizes electric drives has the greatest savings potential; for example, in compressed air, pump and ventilation systems.

Once the most significant consumers have been identified, then permanent solutions can be enacted to make long-term process improvements. This approach relies on a measurement system that can be easily integrated into existing systems and continually adapted to your ever-changing requirements.

Our experts report on the company-specific construction of an energy monitoring system, targeted data acquisition and appropriate measurement technology.

Evaluating Energy Data – from Big Chunks to a Manageable View

High-quality data is not the only decisive element in next steps following measurement; the right energy-saving measures can be derived when the data are considered in the appropriate context. Our experts will be pleased to assist you in setting up an energy monitoring system tailored to your company’s requirements.

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Evaluating Energy Data – from Big Chunks to a Manageable View

Can savings potential be ascertained with a quick glance at extensive data columns? Not a chance! In order for measurement results to be meaningful, they must be considered within the interplay between all consumers and the company's overall framework. Suitable indicators, key performance indicators and a meaningful visualization simplify the process.

  • Get to know the most important methods and tools, as well as suitable software tools for data processing.
  • Learn how other companies can break down the vast amount of data into handy pieces to ensure long-term monitoring and optimization of your buildings and facilities.

Cloud as Trending Topic – New Opportunities and Challenges for Energy Management?

Digitalization and networking increase transformability and transparency of processes and systems. This creates new opportunities for energy management. At the same time, new ways of handling measured data are required. The use of cloud solutions will therefore play a central role in many future-oriented areas.

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Cloud as Trending Topic – New Opportunities and Challenges for Energy Management?

When machines communicate with each other or systems furnish maintenance data, new possibilities for optimizing operations management or increasing production efficiency arise. Networking and controlling technical systems definitely have an insatiable appetite for data. This is also true for saving and visualizing measurement data; increasing requirements must be met with suitable new approaches.

Utilizing cloud solutions has established itself as a valuable digitalization trend. It provides easy access to data, supports individual evaluation and streamlines administration.

At our events, we answer the following questions for you:

  • What is a cloud?
  • What does a cloud solution for energy management look like?
  • Who are cloud solutions right for – small businesses or the global players?
  • What about access from anywhere: risk or opportunity?
  • What about data security and protection?

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