Tuotenro 753-649

M-Bus Master

Tuotenro 753-649
M-Bus Master;
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PU (SPU): 1 Piece
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Virheellinen syöttö

The 753-649 M-Bus Module acts as an M-Bus master, allowing M-Bus slaves to be directly connected to the WAGO I/O System 750. The Meter-Bus (M-Bus) is a fieldbus system that transmits energy consumption data measured by M-Bus slaves (e.g., heat, water, electricity and gas meters), as well as all sensor and actuator types.

The M-Bus master communicates with the M-Bus slaves and forms the interface between the M-Bus and the processing software. On demand, the M-Bus master reads energy consumption data via the M-Bus 2-wire line, transmitting this data to the higher-level control system for further processing or visualization. Alternatively, PLC queries can be implemented via the PLC using IEC 61131-3 function blocks or via a PC application.

The M-Bus slaves are powered via the M-Bus master. The use of a separate level converter is not required. The M-Bus technology is defined in the technical standard EN 13757, which defines the communication systems for meters and their remote reading.

Both signal transmission and operating status, as well as trouble-free local bus communication, are indicated via single- and multi-color LEDs.

The M-Bus connection modules are short-circuit-protected.