Double the Efficiency:

Control Cabinet Outlet with a Double Connection

At a Glance:

  • A double looping-through connection simplifies outlet circuit extension and minimizes inventory costs

  • Connect all conductor types up to 2.5 mm2 (14 AWG) via Push-in CAGE CLAMP®

  • Clear potential assignment via color-coded connection ports

  • Easy voltage control via green status LED

  • Flexible mounting option on DIN-rail and smooth surfaces via snap-in mounting foot and screw holes

Low Installation Time

WAGO's control cabinet outlets for Schuko and Euro plugs greatly facilitate control cabinet applications. The angled double connection with Push-in CAGE CLAMP® enables simple and fast conductor connection in the viewing direction. Colored connection points clearly assign potentials, minimizing the risk of wiring errors.

More Flexibility

The double connection allows several sockets to be connected, making double power outlets a thing of the past – circuits can be easily extended. This saves space in the warehouse and provides more control cabinet design flexibility.

Outlet installation is no longer a concern: The mains voltage, as it is required for charging batteries, connecting lights or operating laptops and printers, is quickly and safely available. The power outlets are available in three color versions to clearly identify standard circuits (gray), UPS circuits (red) and permanently live circuits (yellow).

Maximum flexibility is also available during assembly. The outlets are equipped with both a snap-in mounting foot for DIN-rail and screw mounting holes for installation on DIN-rail or a smooth surface.

The new control cabinet outlets with double connection are expected to be available from April 2018.

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