Power with Communication for Industry 4.0

The WAGO Pro 2 Power Supply is configured so that the most important operating status information can be read off the front – even more valuable data can be retrieved through the controller. Real-time status information is essential for assessing situations in real time and responding judiciously. Therefore, the WAGO Pro 2 Power Supply has various functions and components that keep the user informed.

For data collection and read-out of status information, the Pro 2 Power Supply can be connected to a dedicated communication module at any time, allowing selection of the desired protocol for coupling to the automation and control level.

The LED bar chart on the front reliably indicates the current output power, as well as overloads/load reserves. Furthermore, the LEDs indicate the selected operating mode and, if worst comes to worst, warnings and errors.

At a Glance:

  • Ready for Industry 4.0 - You can connect a communication module at any time to get everything you need.

  • Software for Hardware - Use the factory settings or tailor WAGO’s Pro 2 Power Supply to your needs.

  • Easy and Direct - The LED bar chart indicates the actual output power, as well as overloads, load reserves, the selected operating mode and warnings or errors as a code on the front.