Practical tips 1 March 2019
Detect Voltage-Free House Connections

Whether new construction, renovation or routine maintenance – the electrician must continually determine the lack of voltage for house connections to work according to the five BG (German Employers' Liability Insurance Association) safety rules for electrical systems.

Safe and Reliable

With the 2-pole voltage testers from WAGO, this CAT IV task for up to 1000 VAC can be performed safely and reliably thanks to illumination integrated at the measurement point, which makes work easy in the most poorly lit areas. The clip function allows both handles to be locked and used with one hand.

Of course, a rotating field test is just as possible as checking the RCD circuit breaker. Even for DC applications, such as in photovoltaic systems, the WAGO voltage testers are ideal for a high measurement range up to 1400 VDC.

Available: April 2019

One-Handed Operation of the 2-Pole Voltage Tester

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