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The new WAGOdirect Building includes exciting reports, interviews and projects on the subject of “Future-Proof Building Technology”. Grab a coffee and browse through the complete issue.

Building future-proof buildings:
Open to the requirements of tomorrow

Digitization has driven many aspects of technology in the last few years, including in the building sector. At the same time, demands on buildings are increasing. That, which is possible using the state of building technology, can be easily exceeded tomorrow. Yet how should you best engage with a quickly changing technical sector when their properties are designed to last for decades? How can buildings, equipped with current technology, prepare for tomorrow's demands? You can find answers to this and other exciting topics related to the future-proof construction of buildings in the current WAGOdirect Building.

Contents in the Current WAGOdirect Building

  • Digitization in Buildings: Configuring Building Automation to be Future-Proof
  • Building Technology Through the Years: Interview with Martin Hardenfels and Daniel Wehmeier
  • Efficient Construction with Pluggable Electrical Installation: A finished daycare center in 12 weeks
  • Integrated Planning and Open Automation: Essential for Future-Proof Building Projects
  • Change of Course Requested: Increasing Efficiency in the Building Sector through Renovations
  • Building Migration “Alter Wall”:: Automation that Can also Be Expanded in the Future
  • Air Conditioning from a Container: Retrofitting Buildings with Cooling Technology
  • Modern Lighting Control: This is the Way of Modern Lighting Management!

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Cybersecurity in Building Automation: Effective Defense against Attacks

Building automation systems are increasingly networked with IT solutions; however, processes focused on security against internal and external network attacks are still relatively rare in this field. The reason for this is, largely unprotected systems in building technology meet a complex IT realm.

Interview with Cybersecurity Expert Norbert Pohlmann

In an interview with WAGO, Norbert Pohlmann, Professor of Computer Science for distributed systems and information security and head of the Institute for Internet Security at the University of Applied Sciences in Gelsenkirchen, Westphalia, explains why building automation companies must upgrade to state-of-the-art security settings.

The World's First Net Plus-Energy Public Building

… is located in Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany. This world-leading building generates more energy than it consumes. And the flexROOM automation system from WAGO plays a large role in its high energy efficiency.