Who We Are

Trust arises when connections are strong and reliable. That's why we work every day to improve relationships with our partners by making their connections safer, stronger and more efficient.

This is our mission: Empower connections. With every little step that leads to more reliable results for electricity and data flow, we come a step closer to our vision: Being the backbone of the intelligently networked world. Because in a world of exponential complexity and digital speed, it requires a reliable connection at each interface.

We serve these with reliable solutions and partnership-based consulting, which have been inextricably linked with our name since 1951.

Where Do We Come From

WAGO‘s DNA is based on a strong belief in simplicity – starting with our foundation back in 1951.

An infectious enthusiasm and deep belief in the idea of spring clamp technology led to the purchase of the original patent. Our founders Friedrich Hohorst and Heinrich Nagel were convinced that spring clamp technology would make the life’s of the customer easier: It is easy to use and provides a long-term and secure connection.

Today spring clamp technology is a fundamental element of all our products and the strong belief of our founders led us to the successful company we are today – a global leader in spring clamp technology.

Our Brand Story

In 2017 we released our WAGO brand strategy. Leading us the way into the future, making WAGO future proof! Like the roots of a tree, a brand strategy is not visible yet. But they provide support and strengthen the whole brand by anchoring the tree to the ground, by defining the brand core, brand values and our goals.

The second step is to make WAGOs tree-trunk visible. The implementation and translation of our brand strategy into building the main wooden axis of the tree. The tree-trunk is providing tools and actions for creating the WAGO brand experience.

These steps result in building a beautiful treetop. A seamless brand experience for our customers. As the tree is connected in every part, such is our WAGO ecosystem, with all our products, communication, knowledge and services.

Our Brand Principles


We work collaboratively to create the most simple and customer centric experiences, for our colleagues and our customers. Everything should be understandable at a glance. That's why we constantly strive for Simplicity.


We are curious, creative and passionate. With our products and services we provide new ideas and creative solutions that inspire our customers.


We are confident and committed to empower our clients, our colleagues and ourselves, to deliver whatever the challenge. We believe in strong partnerships to create the best results for every project.

Our Brand Assets

Our Corporate Design

Our Design Assets, which form the basis of our visual appearance, include a logo, a proprietary typeface, a colour palette, and many more information.

Our Corporate Design translates the WAGO core identity into visuals. The interplay of the basic elements ensure distinction while conveying stability and continuity to our clients.


Our Tonality - Let's Speak with one voice

One of the ways brands express their personalities is by the way they talk. Like the look of a brand — the logo, the color palette, the typefaces — the voice helps the brand stand apart from competitors.

Your contact person at WAGO

WAGO Design-Team

If any questions occur concerning the design guidelines or the design assets, please do not hesitate to contact us. Also, if you need any help with your design we will be happy to assist you.

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