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#openandeasy: Universal IoT Solution for Machines, Systems and Buildings

WAGO Cloud lets you collect and analyze the data of various machines from a central location. It also allows WAGO controllers to be easily managed and monitored along with their data and applications. Combining simplicity with usability, WAGO Cloud was developed so that people without IT experience can use it.

The Benefits for You:

Product Overview

New Product

Greater Transparency and User-Friendliness

For most users, the most important factor in cloud computing is the availability of all the information at any time and from any location. With the current WAGO Cloud release, numerous new functions are now available.

New visualization options

In this most recent update, WAGO has reworked the dashboard to significantly improve user-friendliness. Chief among the improvements are interactive dashboards that now offer a zoom-in function and support new visualization and display functions. For example, data series from different sources can be combined into a single graphic, making correlations easier to recognize.

A typical application is comparing current and historical data, allowing long-term trends to be easily analyzed. The new version also offers a greater range of options for data evaluation. Key calculations such as trend analyses, regressions and correlations can be performed in just a few steps. The resulting information provides the foundation for data-driven decision making.

More Billing Options

The new release also makes WAGO Cloud billing more flexible. Besides the existing payment option via license points (available as packages), there is an additional billing option via an automated monthly billing system for all EU countries. This allows users to individually set upper-limit thresholds to closely control costs. Additionally, an EDM flat rate with fixed costs per controller connected to WAGO Cloud is possible.

Your Benefits:

  • New visualization options
  • Easy data evaluation
  • Additional billing options

Easy and Efficient Central Building Management

WAGO Cloud’s “Building Operation and Control” is the perfect way to get started with cloud-based building management.

Try WAGO Cloud for Free

Getting Started Is Easy: Register and Try It Now!

WAGO Cloud offers you a complete IoT system which, together with the PFC controllers and control panels, makes connection to new or existing machines and systems easy. You can use WAGO Cloud free of charge for a 30-day trial period. You will receive 100 license points from WAGO to use as you wish. With our flexible and simplified license model, you always have full control and can adapt the functionality to your specific needs.


An Overview of WAGO Cloud Functions


Manage Your PFC Controllers

Connect your WAGO controllers to WAGO Cloud within minutes and then assign them to customers, sites and systems. Monitor current connection parameters and process data. Alarm and notification functions allow you to respond quickly to exceptions.


Analyze Your Data Centrally

Centrally analyze, visualize and compare your machine and system data in WAGO Cloud. Represent your measured data over time graphically, e.g., as trend graphs, bar charts and pointer elements. Get a graphical overview of your controllers’ locations and their connection status.


Access Local Configurations and Visualizations via Remote Access

Remotely access your WAGO controllers without time-consuming configuration of the IT infrastructure. Use the Web browser to easily set up, control and monitor your systems.

Keep up to Date at All Times

Provide your controllers with the newest firmware in just a few clicks. Distribute an existing application to multiple controllers in a few seconds. You can choose between updating your firmware automatically from the cloud or manually on site.


Export Your Data Easily and Flexibly

Do you want to use your data with other tools and software in addition to WAGO Cloud? WAGO Cloud offers streamlined and flexible access thanks to various interfaces (RESTful API and CSV).

Keep an Eye on Your Machines

Get email notifications if your data falls above or below specified limit values. Select alarm rules for controller/connection status and application data.


Access Only with Authorization

You decide who gets what cloud permissions. WAGO Cloud offers user management with various authorization levels.

Maximum Availability, Minimum Effort

Increasing digitization is bringing automation and information technology closer together. This presents companies with great challenges – after all, not every small or medium-sized business is willing or able to maintain its own IT department. WAGO allows automation engineers to continue to focus on automation.

WAGO Cloud allows you to centrally collect and analyze data from different machines and systems. Furthermore, you can manage and monitor all WAGO controllers, including your data and application, on a PC, in a conference room or on a tablet while traveling. With simple, user-friendly functions, WAGO Cloud was developed for use it without extensive IT experience. Using WAGO Cloud is highly intuitive due to its app structure. Many standard functions such as visualization, remote maintenance and firmware update are already set up. Your WAGO Cloud is ready after just a few mouse clicks.

WAGO Cloud is based on the established Microsoft Azure cloud platform. That has numerous advantages for you: Microsoft Azure is highly scalable in terms of computing power, data storage, transactions, availability and security standards – it represents a future-proof solution.

Media Library – Interesting Facts about WAGO Cloud


Videos: 7 | Duration: 01:35:00


Videos: 7 | Duration: 01:35:00

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Do You Need Greater Customization for
Your Specific Application?

Scalable Solutions: WAGO Cloud, Customized

In the vast majority of applications, the functions provided by WAGO Cloud suffice to model your processes digitally. Wherever an application-specific solution is indispensable to you, we’ll support you in implementing it.

With M&M Software as a member of the WAGO Group, WAGO has a partner for the integrated development of industrial and technical software solutions.

We examine the unique requirements of your company together with you and find the solution that’s right for you. Because WAGO Cloud is the underlying platform, the actual expansion can start immediately. Based on Microsoft’s Azure Cloud, WAGO Cloud has a rapidly expanding number of services and tools to provide you with the perfect foundation for implementing application-specific solutions. We’re always happy to provide guidance.

“The WAGO Cloud solution developed for us is a tailored solution, but is still scalable at will.”

Lars Baumann, Team Leader of Asset Management, Avacon Natur GmbH

WAGO Analytics

When it comes to optimizing your own machines or systems, the challenge is usually to improve and quantify process knowledge and to transfer it back into the process. WAGO Analytics, a Minden-based company, supports users from data acquisition to analysis and provides intuitive visualization of the dependencies within the systems. The connections that are uncovered are integrated into the processes, allowing you to fully exploit the potential for optimization.


Have any questions? We have answers!

FAQ and Glossary

Do you have questions about WAGO Cloud? Many of these are easy to answer in advance. Get the answers by clicking on the specific question in the list below.

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Customer Applications Related to the Cloud

Distribution Network in Real Time

SWO Netz GmbH, an incorporation of the Osnabrück municipal utility, is preparing for electrical distribution in the future by establishing a cloud project. The company, which is based in Lower-Saxony, uses WAGO technology to manage and analyze their data.

Digitization as the Basis for Sector Coupling

Sector coupling, digitization and customer orientation – these are the focus of the energy service provider Avacon Natur. They increase the efficiency of the energy systems and district heating networks and provide demand-driven information. Above all, sector coupling – integrated control for heat, electricity and electromobility – requires digital data acquisition.


Cloud-Based Asset Management of Decentralized Systems

In Saarlouis, data relating to error reports and monitoring is sent to the cloud to enable better monitoring of both the energy supply and a well system. The program’s success has already led the German city to consider further cloud projects.

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