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WAGO Power Supply Pro 2 - Practical Tip: Control Cabinet Manufacturing

27 April 2020
Maximize Control Cabinet Efficiency

Current Challenges Need Innovative Developments

In the age of Industry 4.0, control cabinet manufacturers are facing significant challenges: Between mounting time pressures, scarce resources and tight delivery deadlines on the one hand and increasing automation on the other hand, the supply requirements of control technology and sensors are increasing. It is essential to not only meet these requirements but modernize them.

Power supply units, in particular, are among the components that must fulfill special performance characteristics in production, electrical and automation systems. For example, they should achieve a high level of efficiency, be fail-safe and offer a long service life. Properties that can be achieved through a well-planned layout and greater efficiency will ultimately reduce investment, maintenance and replacement costs. The WAGO Power Supply Pro 2 makes the control cabinet more efficient while providing valuable data for predictive maintenance.


Pro 2: And Your Control Cabinet Has a Clear Advantage!

Power supply: with DIN-rail mount
Voltage variants: 24 VDC
Power classes: six power supplies from 120 to 960 W

Your top advantages with WAGO's Pro 2 Power Supply

1. High efficiency (up to 96.3%!)

  • Typical efficiency of a simple power supply with 960 W nominal power: 91%; thanks to greater efficiency, the Pro 2 Power Supplies save about 55 W of power loss.

    Your benefits: The Pro 2 makes your control cabinet more efficient, more powerful and better in every aspect. Harness its maximum performance to elevate your control cabinet!

2. Spring pressure connection technology for all connectors

3. Clear marking of all poles for each connector per EN 81346-2

4. Additional features

  • TopBoost (for safely tripping miniature circuit breakers) and PowerBoost (for starting capacitors such as Touch Panels)
  • Active Droop (for automatic load distribution between power supplies connected in parallel, even with different power classes)

    Your benefits:
    With the Pro 2, you reliably cover power peaks. The power supply supports all applications – even those with high power requirements. Protect and supply your system with smart power and switching modes
  • Communication-capable via various pluggable communication modules (thus retrofits are possible)

    Your benefits: Freely choose your communication path: via potential-free signal contacts, a configuration connection with an onsite laptop or via permanent communication through common field bus systems that can be supplemented at any time via pluggable communication modules.
  • LED bar graph to display the current workload

    Your benefits: The LED bar chart on the front reliably indicates the current output power, as well as overloads/load reserves. Select a desired operating mode and have errors displayed in case of a warning!
  • Configurable

    Your benefits: Make the most with a uniform housing design and a digital twin – the Pro 2 makes implementation incredibly easy. Plug-in connections enable pre-assembled cabling and fast installation.

The Pro 2 provides you with valuable data for predictive maintenance – and what do you get out of it?

  • The insight that can drive predictive maintenance and service. Loads such as base load, peak load, overload or, if necessary, undervoltage can thus be kept fully in view.

  • Long-term monitoring allows you to detect changes in daily operation, allowing conclusions to be drawn about the aging of loads, for example. Prevent costly downtime in a production plant!

  • A detailed description of the Pro 2 scope of services and other advantages can be found here:

Simple, Practical, Future-Proof!

The higher the demands on the power supplies,
the more the Pro 2 shows its strengths!

Possible Application Areas

  • Preferably used in (decentralized) control cabinets for basic supply or in sub-distribution panels in industrial environments (e.g., process, automotive, marine industries)
  • Private and commercial building management (with the TopBoost function, the Pro 2 ensures the supply of all components – even in the event of a fault in an undercircuit)


  • Standard production machines
  • Conveyors
  • Decentralized distribution cabinets/control systems

1. Easy Installation

The basic functions of the Pro 2 are available from the time of commissioning; in addition, you can flexibly configure the power supply independently via computer. To do this, you need software that can be downloaded free of charge here or from "Downloads" under one of WAGO's Pro 2 Power Supplies in the Webshop.

2. Quick Connection

After installation, connect the power supply using the WAGO USB Service Cable, which is automatically recognized by the software.

3. Parameter Settings

Once the Pro 2 is connected, set your desired parameters. Write the data on the power supply by clicking on the “write to device” button. Your data is then measured and delivered for further analysis.

4. Clear Monitoring

Monitoring functions provide you with information about the current power supply data at any time, and signal errors ensure seamless application monitoring. Predictive maintenance significantly reduces downtime and its associated costs because permanent data monitoring tracks the status of all devices in operation to estimate when service will be needed.

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