Instructions January 7, 2019
230 V Power Supply for Outlets in Cable Ducts with Free Phase Selection


With just a few standard WINSTA® components, you can connect socket outlets in cable ducts quickly and without mistakes. The standard 5-wire supply cable (1) is connected to a 5-pole WINSTA® Socket and Strain Relief Housing (2) on site. The rest of the wiring is accomplished by simply plugging in the pre-assembled WINSTA® Interconnecting Cables (3). These cables are pre-assembled with a standard plug on one end and a distribution connector at the other. The distribution connector is equipped with a 5-pole socket for through wiring with 400 V supply and a 3-pole socket. The socket outlets, equipped with WINSTA® Connectors, are connected via 3-wire interconnecting cable (5). The desired phase for the 3-pole outlet can be easily selected with the white switch lever on the distribution connector. This allows you to utilize the phases symmetrically on site. The 400 V through wiring is performed via 5-wire interconnecting cable (4).


  • When AV and UPS networks are installed together in one cable duct, the wiring can be executed in black for the AV supply and white for the UPS supply. This allows the networks to be quickly and easily identified.
  • For installations with several circuits, keep things clear with WAGO’s handy WINSTA® Markers (Item No. 770-450). The markers can be easily labeled with a pen on site.

Parts List

1. Standard Connecting Cable
2. 770-105
3. 771-8965/007-101
4. 771-8965/007-101
5. 771-9993/006-x01

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