Interview August 27, 2018
“Modern building solutions are the future.”

Traditional, solid timber construction designed for permanent use is becoming less desirable for building owners and investors, according to the federal association of builders. A visible sign of this are architecturally unique buildings with their container-like design. These solutions make new demands on installation technology: pluggable, fast, ready to use and safe. Christoph Schlate, Managing Director of Pitthan GmbH, describes his experience with WINSTA®.

What was the last project you realized with WINSTA®?

These are two construction projects for the Federal Employment Agency in Cologne and a senior residential and nursing home in the municipality Warmensteinach im Fichtelgebirge. In the latter, the community fulfilled a decades-old dream of building a new home for sixty residents in a quiet central location.

Was this the first project you implemented with a pluggable connector system?

No. The first major project – an office building for the European Commission's office building in Luxemburg– was in 2016. The building consists of 447 container modules over three floors and currently provides a useable space of 10,500 square meters. During the design phase, we worked together with WAGO to determine the necessary cable types and lengths, connector variants, distributor box variants and color coding. The base quantities could be easily standardized with WINSTA®.

The WINSTA® System is the basis for standardizing our work.

Christoph Schlate, Managing Director of Pitthan GmbH

What were the exact applications?

All the buildings in these projects – including those in Cologne, Warmensteinach and Luxemburg – were based on container design. Because the rooms are arranged largely on a predefined grid, it is easy to duplicate the pre-assembled installation.

What were your main reasons for using the WINSTA® Pluggable Connection System for your electrical installation?

We can have the electrical installation ready for mounting before delivery to the worksite, so all that remains is to plug the connections together. This saves time and money – even better, it reduces the risk of mismating.

The base quantities could be easily standardized with WINSTA®.

Christoph Schlate, Managing Director of Pitthan GmbH

Will you use a pluggable installation again for similar projects in the future?l

Absolutely! The WINSTA® System is the basis for standardizing our work. Modern building solutions are the future – individual modular room units that are assembled into smart constructs on site in the shortest time.

Mr. Schlate, thank you for the conversation.

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