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February 6, 2019
Intelligently Controlled Light with WAGO's New DALI Multi-Master Module

WAGO has revamped its DALI Multi-Master Module to meet the requirements for controllable lighting systems used in smart building systems. The updated DALI interface protocol significantly improves the interoperability and interchangeability of control devices from different manufacturers.

WAGO's new DALI Multi-Master Modules support the extended functionalities of both DALI-2 control gears and control devices, allowing them to meet all modern lighting system requirements in which light quality and energy efficiency play key roles. Additionally, large-scale facilities and organizations benefit because the new DALI Multi-Master Module is backwards compatible, making double inventories unnecessary.

All DALI-2 applications can be easily linked to all relevant subsystems and fieldbuses via integration into the WAGO-I/O-SYSTEM.

Availability: May 2019

At a Glance:

  • IEC 62386 and DALI-2 compliant:
    - Improved interoperability between different manufacturers of DALI-2 devices
    - DiiA certification pending

  • Simplified wiring through DALI-2 standard: Additional bus-supplied device groups (e.g., sensors) require less wiring

  • New applications: A wider range of DALI sensors from different manufacturers can be integrated (compatibility list)

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