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WAGOdirect Special: The Control Cabinet of the Future

Fast, flexible, as cost-effective as possible – in the face of increasing cost pressure, scarce resources and tight delivery times! The demands on the control cabinet industry are steadily increasing. To save money and time, production processes need to be digitized and automated to the highest degrees yet. The competitiveness of a control cabinet manufacturer is ultimately determined by its level of expertise in conjunction with the efficiency of its manufacturing processes.

This is where WAGO’s wide variety of products comes in: Our control cabinet components support you in preparing today for the world of tomorrow. WAGO offers innovative solutions – from sophisticated power supplies to the mainstay of all cabinets, the rail-mount terminal block. There's also a host of advanced services too, including an online project design tool and project support. All products and systems are perfectly synchronized and oriented for a consistent value creation process.

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Watch the Control Cabinet Grow – Hörburger AG

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Innovations for Environmental Protection – Mösslein GmbH

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More Power for Your Control Cabinet with the WAGO Pro 2 Power Supply

Efficiency throughout the Process Chain with WAGO’s Smart Designer Configuration Software

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Control Cabinet Manufacturing – Faster Switching Made Easy

Control cabinet manufacturers face the challenge of constantly optimizing their processes – while the demands on networked and integrated systems steadily increase. WAGO offers innovative solutions to meet these challenges: All products and systems are perfectly attuned to each other and oriented towards a consistent value creation process, generating real added value and supporting users from planning and configuration, to production, to testing and commissioning.