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WAGO Interface ConfigurationSoftware

WAGO’s Interface Configuration software offers local/remote configuration for Pro 2 Power Supplies and signal conditioners, so you can adapt the devices quickly and easily to the requirements of the system.

Pro 2 Power Supply

The Pro 2 Power Supply – Now Available with a Simulation Function!

The configuration function can be used, for example, to configure the power supply overload behavior. In addition to TopBoost and PowerBoost, ECB functionality can also be selected. This ensures that the requirements of EN 60204 are met in machinery and equipment applications.

  • The power supply is highly configurable, making it easy to customize to virtually any application.
  • The configurable ECB functionality trims costs and uses less space while increasing safety.
  • The simulation function allows you to discover every Pro 2 Power Supply feature without connecting a device.
  • Get started with the communication possibilities of Pro 2.

Interface Configuration Software

Our expert Stefan Wagner shows you the advantages and functions of our Interface Configuration software’s simulation function for parameterizing the Pro 2 Power Supply.

WAGO Pro 2 Power Supply

WAGO Pro 2 Power Supply

Signal Conditioners

Signal Conditioners

Signal conditioners with a service interface offer user-friendly configuration at a glance using the Interface Configuration software.

Software features:

  • Automatic module detection
  • Simulation of input and output parameters (2857 Series)
  • Configuration and visualization of process values
  • Parameterization of the digital switch output (threshold functionality)
  • Communication via WAGO USB Service Cable (750-923) or WAGO Bluetooth® Adapter (750-921), pluggable on both series
  • Creation of configuration reports
  • Backup of configuration settings

Current Transformers

Line Length Calculation for WAGO Current Transformers

The Sophisticated Approach to System Planning

To determine actual power requirements, both the power requirements of the connected measurement devices and the power losses from the measurement lines connected to a transformer’s secondary circuit must be taken into account. WAGO Interface Configuration software allows you to quickly and easily calculates cable lengths and provides the results for your system documentation.

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