6th Smart Grid Symposium
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Keynote speeches and best practices for the energy industry: These and more await you at the 6th Smart Grid Symposium, on September 24 and 25, 2019 at the kING Congress Center in Ingelheim am Rhein. Register now!

Current Range of Topics with Added Value

Digitalization captures the entire added value of the energy industry – from generation through transport to the power outlet. This means that energy suppliers and distribution network operators must optimize their processes and network economy with modern automation solutions and digital technology.

But how do companies master these challenges? What role do flexiblity-enhancing technologies like storage systems play? To what extent does the cloud help with network automation?

We would like to discuss this with you. Take the opportunity to exchange info with the experts – from practice to practice.

Take advantage of the the opportunity to exchange ideas with the experts:

  • Practical solutions from practical experience

  • Stimulating presentations and panel discussion

  • Participants from research, business and industry


Our Program


More about the speakers More about the speakers
09:30 a.m.Admission and registration
10:00 a.m.

Ulrich Hempen, WAGO Kontakttechnik GmbH & Co. KG

10:15 a.m.Keynote: What Will Sustain You Tomorrow?
Dr. Pero Micic, Future Management Group AG
11:00 a.m.Break
11:30 a.m.Intelligent Marketing Strategies for Batteries in Virtual Power Plants – Business Models and Example Implementations
Dr. Ralf Simon, TSB Transferstelle Bingen
12:00 noonDecentralized Wide-Range Control – Concept and Implementation
Steffen Behrends, Westnetz GmbH
12:30 p.m.Lunch
13:45 p.m.

Load Management
Dr. Faical Turki, EBG compleo GmbH

14:15 p.m.Holistic Consideration of a Standardized Battery Storage Solution for Successful Energy Transformation
Matthias Büter, INTILION GmbH
14:45 p.m.Local Network Stations Turn “Digital” – WAGO Grid Management as the Coordinator for the Distribution Network
Daniel Wiese, WAGO Kontakttechnik GmbH & Co. KG
15:15 p.m.Coffee break
15:45 p.m.Panel discussion
17:30 p.m.Beginning of evening event
22:00 p.m.End of evening event
More about the speakers More about the speakers
08:30 a.m.Admission
09:00 a.m.

Jürgen Schäfer, WAGO Kontakttechnik GmbH & Co. KG

09:15 a.m.Keynote: Network Operators Facing Tension between the Energy Transformation and Control
Christof Epe, NGN Netzgesellschaft Niederrhein
10:00 a.m.Break
10:30 a.m.WBS 500 – More than a Transformer Station with a Storage Battery
Jost Broichmann, WEMAG AG
11:00 a.m.

OpenADR and the Struggle for DER Control
Rolf Bienert, OpenADR Alliance

11:30 a.m.Lightning and Overvoltage Protection for Digital Local Network Stations
Tobias Kerschensteiner, Dehn & Söhne
12:00 noonLunch
13:00 p.m.Power Plant Controllers, Customized
Roland Glück, Glück MSR GmbH
13:30 p.m.Groupe CAHORS “Ivision TG”: Securing Connection to the Energy Transition
Christophe Aubigny, Groupe Cahors
14:00 p.m.Data and Artificial Intelligence – the New Electricity in the Energy Industry
Joachim Mößner, Microsoft Deutschland GmbH
14:30 p.m.Close-up

What Awaits You at the 6th Smart Grid Symposium

What Awaits You at the 6th Smart Grid Symposium

  • Focus on and discussion of technical and technological tweaks in the energy transformation

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  • The Smart Grid Symposium

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  • How Data Transparency Brings Intelligence to the Grid

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The following presentations from this company await you:

More about the speakers

Day 1 Speakers

Dr. Pero Mićić

Brief bio:
Dr. Pero Mićić is considered a leading international expert in “future management.” He is the CEO or FutureManagementGroup AG and Director of the Leader’s Foresight Institute. He advises management teams, strategists of large corporations and leading SMEs on preparing for future markets and developing well-researched scenarios, goals and effective strategies. Pero Mićić has authored several award-winning books, lectures at renowned universities and academies, is a founding member of the Association of Professional Futurists in the USA and was chairman of the advisory panel for the European Futurists Conference.

Presentation title:
What Will Sustain You Tomorrow?


Dr. Ralf Simon

Brief bio:
For over 25 years, professor Ralf Simon has worked as an instructor and researcher at the University of Applied Sciences Bingen and the Institute for Rational Regenerative Energy Use at its Knowledge Transfer Center (TSB) in the area of energy management. He has contributed to various research projects (Sinteg, Kopernikus, Arrivee, Vevide etc.). Since 2005, he has been known for his contributions to virtual power plants. His “system for bundling low-power plants” is now among the most powerful in Germany. Professor Simon is the scientific director of the future-oriented Rhineland-Palatinate Smart Grid/Virtual Power Plants initiative. He is an energy advisor to the State of Rhineland-Palatinate and advises the state government on issues of energy politics.

Presentation title:
Intelligent Marketing Strategies for Batteries in Virtual Power Plants – Business Models and Example Implementations


Steffen Behrends

Brief bio:
Steffen Behrends has worked at Westnetz GmbH since 2015 within the dual education program. While pursuing a bachelor's degree in electrical engineering and information technology, he supervised a project on autonomous, decentralized wide-range control in the Westnetz GmbH grid territory. Since November 2018, he has held a trainee position there as a production engineer in protection and control technology while studying engineering management at the Technical University of Dortmund.

Presentation title:
Decentralized Wide-Range Control – Concept and Implementation


Matthias Büter

Brief bio:
Matthias Büter, 29, studies electrical engineering at the Aachen University of Applied Sciences and the Technical University of Cologne. In 2014, Mr. Büter specialized in lithium-ion technology; he gained experience in basic research at Daimler and broad knowledge of safety requirements at TÜV Rheinland, among other things. As a product owner at his current employer HOPPECKE Batterien, he succeeded in developing a modular system for designing large battery storage solutions. At its subsidiary INTILION, he currently directs project development in the Energy Storage division.

Presentation title:
Holistic Consideration of a Standardized Battery Storage Solution for Successful Energy Transformation

Daniel Wiese

Brief bio:
Following the completion of his apprenticeship to become an industrial electronics specialist at ABB and training to become a state-certified electronics technician, Daniel Wiese spent five years commissioning electrical systems for biogas plants for ASA GmbH and Enercess. Since 2008, Daniel Wiese has worked in “Market Management Energy/Smart Grid” at WAGO Kontakttechnik GmbH & Co. KG. He has been instrumental in using the WAGO product portfolio to develop solutions for feed-in management, virtual power plants and distribution grid automation. His special focus is on digital local network stations (dLNS) as a central feature of energy transition.

Presentation title:
Local Network Stations Turn “Digital” – WAGO Grid Management as the Coordinator for the Distribution Network

Day 2 Speakers

Christof Epe

Brief bio:
Christof Epe was born in 1964 in Oberhausen, is married, has two adult sons and currently lives in Moers. He got his engineering degree at the University of Duisburg, specializing in electrical energy technology. After graduating, he joined the RWE Group, where he held various technical and managerial positions over a period of about 25 years. Since 2016, Christof Epe has been a managing director of the Network Economics department of NGN Netzgesellschaft Niederrhein, which bundles all grid activities in Krefeld, Straelen and Wachtendonk in the SWK Group. His core duties include regulation management/controlling, asset management, market partner management and accounting/meter data management.

Presentation title:
Network Operators Facing the Tension between the Energy Transformation and Control


Jost Broichmann

Brief bio:
Broichmann graduated with a degree in environmental/process engineering and marketing and specialized in logistics and energy economics. After posts at the Port of Hamburg (for the Nord Stream pipeline, among other things), he has worked since 2009 at the clean energy provider WEMAG in Schwerin in various positions including product development, innovation, PR and sales. This provider, which was re-municipalized in 2010, develops business sectors and innovative solutions for electrical storage and electromobility. In, 2014 WEMAG put Europe’s first 5 MW storage battery into operation; the battery was expanded to 10 MW in 2016. With the 1 MW WEMAG battery station it developed itself, the company is advancing the installation of storage systems in distribution networks. Jost Broichmann is also CEO of Plasti Dip Europe GmbH, a producer of plastics for insulating electrical components and sensors.

Presentation title:
WBS 500 – More than a Transformer Station with a Storage Battery


Rolf Bienert

Brief bio:
Rolf Bienert is the Managing & Technical Director of OpenADR Alliance. Mr. Bienert oversees all of the Alliance’s activities, including international standardization. Rolf Bienert is an expert on industry standards and has been involved in Wi-Fi, ZigBee and many other initiatives over the years.

Presentation title:
OpenADR and the Struggle for DER Control


Tobias Kerschensteiner

Brief bio:
Short bio: Tobias Kerschensteiner has worked at DEHN since 2007. Based on his many years at DEHN, this state-certified electrical engineer and technical business economist has already worked in several different positions that focused exclusively on the issues of lightning and overvoltage protection and grounding in the energy industry. Among other things, he worked for three years as a technical consultant and four years as a key account manager for municipal utilities and network operators. The focus of his current position as Business Development Manager is on integrated, comprehensive technical support for customers – he helps them implement intelligent, practical production concepts based on their individual needs.

Presentation title:
Lightning and Overvoltage Protection for Digital Local Network Stations


Roland Glück

Brief bio:
Roland Glück is CEO of Glück MSR GmbH. He was born in 1987 and comes from a small town in Bavaria. He lives there with his wife, Sabrina, on a property that also houses the company. He has always shown great interest in energy issues. That’s why in 2009, after training as power engineering technician, he went into business on his own at 22. He is committed to optimizing the functionality of electronics. Glück MSR GmbH supplies ICA technology automation solutions for various industries. On 2019-05-06, the company was the first to receive the component certificate for power generation system controllers from VDE.

Presentation title:
Power Plant Controllers, Customized

Christophe Aubigny

Brief bio:
Christophe Aubigny joined Groupe CAHORS in 2010; after a variety of roles, he is now Product Strategy Director for the Industrial & Marketing Strategy transversal team. Christophe is in charge of leading MV Switchgear and Grid Automation product lines based innovative offering marketing and strategic partnership identification. He specializes in solutions for MV smart grid automation, with 19 years of experience in this industry, covering electricity and railways infrastructure Christophe holds an engineering degree in Electronics from CN Arts et Métiers, Paris.

Presentation title:
Groupe CAHORS “Ivision TG”: Securing Connection to the Energy Transition


Joachim Mößner

Brief bio:
Joachim Mößner is responsible for technical sales of data center technology at Microsoft. He has worked in the IT industry for 20 years and lives near Stuttgart with his family. His responsibility is the public sector, including municipal enterprises and data centers. His team focuses on applications and infrastructure, as well as data and artificial intelligence. The cloud creates new possibilities for meeting the challenges of digitalization. Mr. Mößner has devoted himself to this.

Presentation title:
Data and Artificial Intelligence – the New Electricity in the Energy Industry