Item no. 787-2861/200-000

Electronic circuit breaker; 1-channel; 24 VDC input voltage; 2 A; Signal contact

Item no. 787-2861/200-000
Electronic circuit breaker
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  • Space-saving ECB with one channel
  • Reliably and safely trips in the event of an overload and short circuit on the secondary side
  • Switch-on capacity > 50,000 μF
  • Enables the use of an economical, standard power supply
  • Minimizes wiring via two voltage outputs and maximizes commoning options on both input and output sides (e.g., commoning of the output voltage on 857 and 2857 Series devices)
  • Status signal – adjustable as single or group message
  • Reset, switch on/off via remote input or local switch
  • Prevents power supply overload due to total inrush current thanks to time-delayed switching on during interconnected operation