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The New Heart of Your Control Cabinet

The WAGO Pro 2 Power Supply

Class-Leading Product Features of the WAGO Power Supply Pro 2

  • Intelligent power management that supplies 150% power for 5 s, and up to 600% output current for 15 ms in the event of short circuits
  • High level of resistance to adverse environmental influences: Heat, cold and altitude have little impact on performance.
  • Pioneering communication capabilities that keep you informed about all important status information and data – ready for Industry 4.0.
  • Easy planning and installation thanks to compact dimensions and a “digital twin” – 2D/3D data are available in the most important formats.

The Power of Possible

Control cabinets are undergoing a transformation, because the requirements on them are constantly increasing – both quantitative and qualitative requirements. Greater networking, rising energy costs and increasing customization require compactness, economy, speed and flexibility in control cabinets.

Our answer to these stricter requirements is the WAGO Power Supply Pro 2 – the best power supply we’ve ever built – the heart of the control cabinet, which takes the challenges of today and tomorrow and turns them into concrete possibilities. We call this the power of possible!

We start planning for tomorrow today – that’s how WAGO approaches processes and efficiency, including the details. And that’s also how WAGO approached the topics of planning, installation, configuration and commissioning during the development that led to the Pro 2 Power Supply. The result is a combination of outstanding product features that no other power supply offers.

Choose the Power of Possible

Stefan Wagner, Head of PM Power Supplies, explains how the power of the new WAGO Power Supply Pro 2 is guaranteed.


Stefan Wagner, Head of PM Power Supplies at WAGO, in expert discussion

» Pro 2 turns the demands of tomorrow into opportunities today for anyone who works with control cabinets. [...] this is the benchmark for every other power supply. «

What challenges is the control cabinet industry facing? What possibilities for optimization do you see?

Time crunches and competitive pressure are significant challenges facing the industry. Attempts are being made to reduce design time and minimize errors through modularization and the reuse of project designs. Further optimization down to the device level and using smart data represent additional possibilities for optimization.

Digitalization is today’s buzz word. Processes are becoming more and more interconnected. Mr. Wagner, what does a modern Power Supply 4.0 look like for you?

In addition to functioning as a standard converter, a modern power supply can provide valuable data that can guide preventive maintenance, for example. This makes it possible to represent the load, such as base load, peak load, overload or, if applicable, overvoltage. Long-term monitoring makes changes visible that can allow conclusions to be drawn about the aging of loads, for example. Ideally, a power supply with these functions should have a modular structure: The communication channel can be selected, whether via a potential-free message, a configuration connection for on-site service engineers and their laptops or continuous communication via standard fieldbus systems, which can be optimally extended at any time with a pluggable communication module.

What’s your take on the variety of power supplies on the market? What are the advantages of the new WAGO Pro 2 solution?

The variety of power supplies on the market reflects a broad scope of applications. Competition is good for users because it enables them to select the power supply that suits their application. This is a significant advantage of the new Pro 2 Power Supplies: No other provider offers greater adaptability to an application with a single device. Thanks to extensive configuration and monitoring options, a narrow width, high degrees of efficiency and reliability, and long service life, the customer receives a high-performance, future-ready, optimized supply of power to loads in the control cabinet.

Custom Configuration

Ready when you are! Use the factory settings or tailor WAGO’s Pro 2 Power Supply to your needs: On different equipment with different parameters – customization also means flexibility!


Extreme Reliability

Tough and intelligent: WAGO’s Pro 2 Power Supply is ready to take on heat, cold and altitude, as well as impacts and vibrations – and still supply maximum power.


Pioneering Communication

Knowing is better than guessing – WAGO’s Pro 2 Power Supply gives you important operating statuses directly on-site or allows you to view additional (and valuable) data via a communication module.


Intelligent Load Management

TopBoost, PowerBoost and configurable overload behavior – WAGO’s Pro 2 Power Supply protects your equipment and provides intelligent current and switching modes. 150% PowerBoost and up to 600% TopBoost are available for reliable and fail-safe system availability.


Intelligent Planning

Small size, intelligent layout: The high power density of WAGO’s Pro 2 Power Supply conserves a tremendous amount of control cabinet space. The digital twin concept saves time and money over the long haul – from planning and installation to operation.

Reliability – Through and Through

Efficient by nature, reliable by design – the durability of WAGO’s Pro 2 Power Supply comes from its design, which, among other advantages, generates less heat. That protects both materials and the environment while saving money!


Consistently Sustainable

Up to 96% efficiency – that has significant advantages, such as lower energy consumption, and thus lower CO2 emissions. The heat loss is also lower, which in turn means less heat in the control cabinet.


Easy Installation

Plug-in connection is faster: WAGO’s Pro 2 Power Supply can be easily and reliably connected via industry-proven spring pressure connection technology and pre-assembled cables.


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