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News October 11, 2018
Simply Perfect Marking with smartSCRIPT

Developed by specialists and precisely tailored to users’ needs, WAGO’s smartSCRIPT is a future-proof marking software developed to pair with the firm’s industry-proven Thermal Transfer smartPRINTER. 

smartSCRIPT impresses in every respect, including start-up. All applications, as well as the printer driver and settings, are integrated into the software, meaning only one installation is required. Seeing the need for intuitive, user-friendly marking software, WAGO patterned smartSCRIPT after familiar programs that industrial users rely on daily. smartSCRIPT depicts every step of the marking process clearly, expediting marking for all WAGO products, as well as the creation of conductor markers and labels. Together, the software and compact printer can tackle virtually any marking tasks ranging from control cabinets, to mechanical engineering, to building installations.

Anticipated availability: March 2019

At a Glance:

  • Modern design and intuitive workflow

  • Quick and easy operation; all applications, as well as the printer driver and settings, are integrated

  • Ideal for professional marking of terminals blocks, labels, nameplates and conductors

  • Optimized data interfaces to smartDESIGNER, Eplan, Microsoft Excel and CSV

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