Item no. 2759-247/210-1000

e!RUNTIME; Sparkplug; Single License

Item no. 2759-247/210-1000
e!RUNTIME; Sparkplug; Single License;
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MQTT is a powerful MQTT protocol that has become standard in many industrial automation applications. WAGO's PFC200 Controller (2nd generation) supports the MQTT protocol and the Sparkplug specification that defines both topic and payload, allowing the controller to exchange data directly with Sparkplug-enabled systems (e.g., SCADA). This requires a license for the controller.

Configuration is performed via the controller's Web-Based Management and the variables to be transmitted or received are defined by the e!COCKPIT Engineering Software and its library.

  • The PFC200 communicates directly with Sparkplug-enabled systems (e.g., SCADA) without requiring any additional gateway.
  • Enter the license into e!COCKPIT, assign it to a controller and load both the license and project into the controller. No other installation steps are required.

Technical Data:
  • Sparkplug B payload
  • Publish data
  • Subscribe to data

Compatible Controllers:
750-8212; PFC200; G2; 2ETH RS
750-8213; PFC200; G2; 2ETH CAN
750-8214; PFC200; G2; 2ETH RS CAN
750-8215; PFC200; G2; 4ETH CAN USB
750-8216; PFC200; G2; 2ETH RS CAN DPS

Besides the basic controller variants listed here, the license can also be used on these controllers' variants. For details, see the product information of the corresponding controller.
For detailed information on the controllers, go to: