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News October 11, 2018

An Aesthetic Design Meets High Performance

Depending on the application, panels are available with resistive touchscreens for standard applications in the control cabinet, multi-touch panels with glass surfaces and panels with marine approvals for use in shipbuilding.

Operate, monitor, visualize and diagnose in the manufacturing, building and processing industries. Available in multiple hardware configurations, WAGO’s Touch Panel 600 models are now available for small- to mid-sized control and visualization tasks. Underneath a contemporary design, the new touch panels pack some of the industry’s most powerful equipment, allowing users to complement their machinery with an advanced, high-tech screen and high-quality visualizations. The Web-based management feature of WAGO’s controllers can also be operated with the stylish displays.

Three versions are available that are tailored for use as a Web Panel, Visu Panel or Control Panel. Practical features such as an energy-saving standby function, integrated sensors for automatic brightness adjustment and an easy-to-mount design make installation and operation simple. All panels are equipped with the future-ready Linux® operating system. When configuring with e!COCKPIT, visualizations are created based on modern technologies such as HTML5. 

Anticipated availability: March 2019

At a Glance:

  • High-performance Cortex A9 Multicore Processor, 1.0 GHz and 2 GB RAM -> Fast operating speeds thanks to parallel execution of calculation operations

  • Programming in either IEC 61131 or directly in Linux® -> Flexibility and security using the open source operating system

  • Customized configuration interface and convenient operation from the device directly -> Rapid configuration and startup

  • Unique mounting design -> Quick installation saves time

  • Standard connection to WAGO's cloud solutions with control panels: IoT ready

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