Faster Connection: Pluggable Connectors

The Pluggable Solution for Your Application

The right solution for every application: Whether on the printed circuit board, in the control cabinet or for lighting connection, WAGO's pluggable connectors quickly and easily connect to the widest variety of applications.

Your benefits:

  • Comprehensive product range for any application
  • Conductors are always securely clamped via spring pressure connection technology
  • Push-in CAGE CLAMP® termination of both solid and ferruled conductors
  • Guaranteed protection against mismating through individual coding


Pluggable PCB Connectors

Our pluggable PCB connectors present you a universal system for your devices. With conductor cross-sections of 0.08 to 10 mm⊃2; (28–8 AWG), all requirements for consistent, end-to-end system wiring are fulfilled. Benefit from our diverse product families by always finding the right solution for your application.


  • A wide range of applications thanks to: Pluggable PCB connectors, through-panel connectors, flying connections for different mounting types, and pluggable connectors for rail-mount terminal blocks
  • Push-in CAGE CLAMP® termination of both solid and ferruled conductors
  • Custom coding options
  • Efficient test options
  • With a clamping point that can be opened from two directions, the MULTI CONNECTION SYSTEM (MCS) greatly simplifies pre-assembling cables and wiring mated connectors

Pluggable Rail-Mount Terminal Blocks

Enjoy the advantages of the X-COM®-SYSTEM for your switchgear and control applications: The system consists of DIN-rail carrier terminal blocks, male connectors and female plugs for different mounting types, as well as male headers with solder pins.


  • Time and space savings thanks to pre-assembly of pluggable cable harnesses
  • Pre-assembly for quick and error-free replacement of sub-assemblies
  • Coding without pole loss prevents mismating of male connectors and female plugs having the same number of poles
  • For your safety: Pre-wired sub-assemblies can be tested before installation

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