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Playing It Safe with the Power Supply

For supplying power to manufacturing systems, safety plays a large role. In low-voltage main distribution boards, circuit breakers are typically used to safely prevent excess currents and switch off the power supply in the case of a short circuit. Therefore, monitoring systems is particularly important to enable fast re-establishment of the power supply in the event of an interruption. Schaeffler, an industrial and automotive supplier, therefore uses fieldbus couplers from WAGO in their roller bearing production at their Schweinfurt, Germany facility.

SBB Train Stations at a Glance

The control and error messaging system for the SBB (LSS-CH) replaces 23 different control systems with WAGO’s automation technology.

Transparency for Propulsion

Whether it’s a luxury yacht, a cruise ship or a specialty ship – diesel–electric drive systems provide great benefits wherever electrical energy consumption is high. This is one of the core competencies of SAM Electronics. This company specializes in marine electrical and electronic systems. In designing innovative propulsion solutions, the Hamburg-based company relies on the flexibility and reliability of WAGO’s I/O system.