Dear Business Partners,

In order to respond appropriately to the current dynamic situation regarding the spread of the corona virus, WAGO is intensifying its emergency measures based on our pandemic plan. The preventive actions apply to all locations in order to protect the health of our employees, prevent the spread of the corona virus and continue to perform business operations in the best possible manner.
These include a global travel ban, the change of our meeting culture to force digital meetings, and the extensive reduction of visits by external business partners to our sites.
Furthermore we have introduced additional preventive measures, with a focus on strict obedience to personal hygiene as well as distance regulations in meeting and dining facilities.
With the support of home office regulations (up to 30% of the office area) and the separation of our working spaces, we further mitigate the current situation.
During January and February the bottlenecks became visible due to the production downtimes in Tianjin/China. These can be compensated by switching transport modes from ocean freight to air and railway. More than 90% of our employees in China are back on board.
We pro-actively exchange information with all partners in our supply chain. This helps identify potential impacts as early as possible. From today's perspective we see only occasional shortages from the supply side with the exception of a few individual cases. In general we have a good inventory position for our finished products.
Furthermore, our trade in goods has not yet been affected by the current border closures.
We are observing the current situation closely and will keep you informed about the development in case of any significant impact on our delivery service.
With Kind Regards
WAGO Private Limited
C-27, Sector 58